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Advanced Integration Formulas | List of Integral Formulas

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Integration is one of the basic operations of Calculus which serves as a tool to solve various mathematical problems. Integral calculus also helps in solving problems of physics which involve arbitrary shapes, length of a curve volume of cube etc. Integration is thought of as the inverse process of differentiation, which is another major branch of Calculus. Integral calculus is induced by the problem of defining and calculating the area of the section bounded by the graph of functions. Integration is also referred to as finding a function when its derivative is given. Integration is introduced in the higher classes

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Trigonometric Formulas : Understanding Trigonometric Formulas In Detail : Complete List of Trigonometric Formulas

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Trigonometry, a word derived from Greek word ‘Trigon’ and ‘Metron’ refers to ‘measuring the sides of a triangle’. This branch of Mathematics studies the relation between angles and sides of triangles. Trigonometry and its formulae is used widely in various fields and has been in use since the 3rd Century BC. From Navigation to Celestial Mechanics to Engineering, Architecture and other various fields trigonometry plays a vital role. Various geometrical problems are solved using the trigonometric ratios Sine (Sin), Cosine (Cos), Tangent (Tan), Cotangent (Cot), Secant (Sec) and Cosecant (Csc), product identities, Pythagorean Identities etc. There are a number of

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Inspiria Yet Again Successfully Conducts InCode 2021 On India’s Largest Coding Platform CodeChef!

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InCode 2021: With a purpose to encourage and strengthen the skills of the coders across North Bengal, Inspiria once again successfully conducted InCode 2021 on the campus premises. If you are not aware, InCode is a flagship event of Inspiria, powered by CodeChef - the largest coding platform in India. The first of its kind to get conducted in the North Bengal region, InCode was initiated way back in 2017. The event testified a good number of participation from colleges and schools across the region. Young coders enthusiastically took part in the event to test their coding skills. The contest,

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How to Learn Trigonometry Formulas Class XII: Shortcuts & Tips

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Trigonometry is the study of the relationship between angles, sides and triangles. Mainly used by voyagers and sea captains in the ancient days, it is now used in the field of engineering, architecture, physics, astronomy, geography and many others. Trigonometry or trigonometric Functions is one of the most important chapters in the Class XII Mathematics syllabus. Sometimes students also claim this as one of the toughest chapters for them. There are trigonometric ratios, functions and formulas that a student needs to memorize in order to solve trigonometric problems. While these functions and formulas may seem quite tough, with the right

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List of Top & Best CBSE Schools In Sikkim

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Sikkim is most popularly known in India for being the least populous state. Despite being a fairly small state, Sikkim has a total of 1,157 schools. There are 7 Central government schools, 765 state government schools and 385 private schools. As per the census 2011, the literacy rate of the state was 82.2 percent. Out of 1,157, almost 250 schools (including Private, State Government & Central Govt. Schools) are affiliated to CBSE. Among those below is a list of Top & Best CBSE Schools in Sikkim Holy Cross School Holy Cross School located right in the capital of Sikkim is

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