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CBSE announced a further extension in Class 12 Board Exams

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CBSE Class 12 Board Exam postponement extended further as the authorizes declines to decide on fresh dates amid the global pandemic! As the Covid-19 cases soar even amid the nationwide lockdown, CBSE Board announces the further extension of class 12 Board exams. According to the notice published on 1st April 2020, it's been announced that no fresh dates for the exams have been agreed on so far. As COVID-19 catastrophe in India shows no hint of improvement, the authorities are reluctant to draft a fresh date sheet for the postponed class 12 CBSE board exams. As the lockdown continues, the

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Career Scope for BBA Entrepreneurship Graduates

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BBA in Entrepreneurship is a three-year undergraduate degree course that focuses specifically on the art of entrepreneurship. The aim is to turn students into good entrepreneurs or businessmen. A good entrepreneur should be able to convert innovations into economically viable goods and services. Mere theoretical knowledge will fail to acquaint students with the real world scenario. The gap between run-on-the mill college education and practical business reality is significant. A degree in entrepreneurship also includes internships in business organizations where students are exposed to real world transactions that complement theoretical inputs. As a result when a promising young entrepreneur begins

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Difference Between BBA General & BBA Entrepreneurship

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The main difference between BBA (General) and BBA (Entrepreneurship) is the simple fact that the first is a general graduate degree course in Management while the other focuses on a specialized area of Management viz. Entrepreneurship. In the face of growing technological advancement and increasingly diversified and complex business operations, a focus on specialized areas right from the undergraduate level is becoming more and more relevant. There are several specialised areas in management such as finance, management acountancy, corporate law,human resourse management among others. A new exciting area of specialization today under management studies is ‘Entrepreneurship’.   Also Read: 10

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What is Food and Beverage Service?

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Food and Beverage Service – With the rapidly increasing world population gives is to a growing need for food and drink. This gives rise to extreme growth in our needs and demands. When it comes to food, a number of factors influence our diet. Such as – the quantity of the platter, flavor, quality, appearance, variety, nutritional intake and so on. In contemporary times, a healthful diet has evolved as the lifestyle of the majority. A huge community has switched to a healthful diet such as keto diet, vegan food, and strict vegetarianism. This transition has introduced a new range

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This is how Inspiria is keeping the desire to learn alive via online classes

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Since the nationwide outbreak of COVID-19, the Government has mandated the nationwide lockdown. This unprecedented scene has not just distorted the lifestyle of adults and working professionals but has also impacted the normal learning procedure of the students. With the educational institutions being shut, the students are bound to stay at home despite the unfinished syllabus and forthcoming examinations. Besides the mandatory shutdown of educational institutions across the country, the Government is left with no choice but to postpone the board examinations and even worse, to call for a strict nationwide lockdown. The possibility of further extension for the lockdown