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Top Reasons why Hospital Management has Diverse Career Scope

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The efficient use of health care system is one of the most important topics of 21st-century society. With an ageing population and increasing demand for individualized and speciality care, healthcare will continue to be a fast-growing and complex profession in the coming years. Careers in healthcare management offer opportunities for individuals who have a talent for effective management and the heart for helping others. Training in hospital management opens up a number of career options. Hospitals, both large and small ones, often have a team of managers to oversee operations in specific departments, such as human resources, health information and

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Inspiria’s academic session re- embarks with fulfulling festive vacation

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A much-awaited holiday, vacation or break from the regular mundane works’ of life adds to the excitement of joy and fun which we eagerly learn from. With the inception of the short autumn season, Inspiria conducted the first mid-semester examination for all the respective batches which continued for a couple of weeks with the same anticipation that exams will be followed by a delightful festive – break for all to rejoice, unwind and relax. Inspirians appear their first Mid-Sem Exams The students welcomed the break as an opportunity to completely detach from the everyday academic activities and spend some quality

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Industry and Institute Liaison in North Bengal Region

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North Bengal is a term used for the north-western part of Bangladesh and northern part of West Bengal. It comprises of 8 districts and Siliguri, in particular, is the gateway to northeast India and a commercial hub, is also the central hub of education within the Terai along with the Dooars region. Along with West Bengal, students from neighboring states Sikkim, Bihar, and Assam and neighboring nations Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Myanmar pursue higher education here as there are a number of English medium schools, both at the primary and secondary level which has immense potential in Education, skill

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Aneesh Khowala – The Ambivert

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A mysterious, ambivert who has been through the worst phase of life and best known for his calm personality Mr. Aneesh Khowala second-year student of the Department of Management is our next feature for the Rising Star series. People tend to turn to him for advice and he altogether has a different approach to life. An academically driven student, who is also pursuing Company Secretaryship wants to become the next big name in the business sector. He believes in trying new things, sticking to a single thing for a long period of time is not his cup of tea. To

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Don Bosco School – A Premiere Professional Institute Of Care

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Don Bosco School school started in 1973 and was set up, keeping in mind the need at that point of time, for a school with proper facilities in Siliguri. Located at Sevoke Road, 2nd Mile, Siliguri, the school initially began with seven students and with the passage of time, the infrastructure developed and so did the quality of education along with the number of students. Don Bosco Front View The school kept up with the rising expectations and the requirements of time, with progressive results over the years in the board examinations, which continues to influence and live up to