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9 Effective Study Tips For Scoring 95% In Class 12th Board Exam

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How does one get 95 percent in exams? Are students who get them prodigies or is 95% an chievable target? The answer is yes, it is quite gettable provided one follows certain simple steps. As the exams approach ( be they board or UG level exams), students start to work hard studying and revising their lessons. In the age of mobile phones and social media, what one lacks is solitude in the true sense of the term. The main objective is to remain focused. How does one remain focused on his/her studies in the age of smart phones. Here are

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Scope Of Taxation In India

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We all dream of a stable and lucrative career. Likewise, we trace the direction based on our career choices and ambitions. Amongst many, a career in Taxation is one amongst the most sought after fields in India and abroad. Probably because it's considered a perennial and stable career option. A career in taxation ranks as one of the booming career choices in India after medicine and engineering. So needless to explain that the study of taxation attracts immense job opportunities in various sectors both in private and the public. So, the educated lot understands that there is always a growing

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Career In Taxation In India & How To Become Tax Consultant

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The Indian government like any other government needs huge financial resources to meet its mammoth annual expenditure. The chief sources of government revenues are obviously the taxes that we pay. There are broadly two types of taxes–direct and indirect taxes. Direct taxes constitute the income tax which citizens earning annual income beyond the minimum slab are bound to pay. Indirect taxes of on the other hand are sales taxes, excise, custom duties etc. Filing taxes can be a complicated procedure especially if the assessee’s income levels are high generating from multiple sources. The government provides different types of exemptions and

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List Of Best Courses In India After Class 12th (2020)

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After the class XII board exams are over and students enjoy a much needed rest, the biggest question that surfaces at that time is what stream should a student opt for in college. A couple of decades back the choices were simple. If you were a good student it and took science in your plus two boards, you tried to enroll yourself in a medical degree or an engineering degree course. Otherwise you simply enrolled for a B.Sc degree in Physics, Maths, Chemistry or any other science subject. Commerce students had the option of pursuing the CA course and for

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Pending ICSE , ISC, CBSE Board Class 10th, 12th Exam Cancelled – Check Details Here

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The Council for Indian School Certificate Examination, (CISCE) has cancelled the pending ISCE and ISC board examinations for class 10 and 12 in the wake of the novel coronavirus outbreak in the country. Council representatives informed the Supreme Court about this decision on Thursday, June 25. The council further informed that the students would be evaluated in these pending papers on the basis of internal assessment. Details of the internal assessment are yet to be divulged. The decision was taken after the state governments of Delhi, Odisha, Maharashtra and Tamilnadu informed the council of their inability to conduct these examinations