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Top Tips To control Anxiety Before your Exam

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Have you been studying too hard for your upcoming examination and yet you fear failure? Racing thoughts, nervousness, inability to focus, along with physical symptoms such as a headache, racing heartbeat, nausea, etc., are few common exam anxiety symptoms. If you're desperately looking for a solution to 'how to stop feeling nervous before an exam' then you're not alone. In spite of the meticulous hard work, many of you might deal with anxiety before your exam. A little anxiety is natural but excess exam anxiety will never let your true potentials to be exhibited in your answer sheet, no matter

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Top 10 Tips How To Write Perfect Answers In Board Exams

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Every year, the CBSE board examination is held in every corner of the country. Students are likely to get worried or nervous as they enter the examination hall for the first time. If you're appearing for CBSE boards this year, then you must already have felt the immense pressure of preparation. In spite of working hard and studying for endless hours, you might worry about forgetting everything you've studied so far. In such cases, you may wonder, how to write answers in board exams efficiently? Well, there is no specific theory that defines the much-needed instructions for writing CBSE Board

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What is Teachers Day And Why Do We Celebrate It

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A teacher is someone who pervades the void of ignorance when all remain lost. Thus, we sense the dearth of accurate words when we're to define our teacher, whose understanding and responsibilities are beyond the limits of the classrooms. A teacher is not just a teacher, but also a friend, mentor, and a learned person who touches our heart and unshackles our mind from the bondage of illiteracy or ignorance. The contribution of a teacher is immense. Teaching is not just another profession. It is a noble act accompanied by divine responsibilities to guide and enlighten those who are deprived

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Benefits of doing BBA course

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Hello there! Are you an entrepreneur at heart? Do you want to start your business career at your early age? Do you aspire to become an important part of the administrative or managing team in an organization? If your answer is a "Yes", but you don't want to wait for the long years until you complete your MBA, then BBA is the best choice for you! There are several advantages of doing BBA as this 3 years degree program is designed to sharpen your entrepreneurial and leadership skills. On completing the BBA course you will be ready to start your

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Best Books For CBSE 12th Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology

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Best reference books for class 12 CBSE, is regarded as a crucial device for the students appearing for the 12th boards. Each year, the Central Board of School Education (CBSE) conducts the All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE) for the class 12 students. Getting through the board is similar to crossing one of the toughest hurdles in life. The exam is important because passing 12th board exams unlocks the door to your aspired professional domain. Thus, adequate time, hard work, consistency, and best reference books for class 12th are required to obtain good marks. Effective and sincere preparation for