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List of Top 10 BCA Colleges on India

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Information Technology(IT) Industry has grown vastly within the last decade. The world is moving forward and technology is making advancements in almost each and every field. This leaves people with nothing other than just moving ahead with the same pace as Technology.With every progressing year, the demand for IT professionals is also increasing, which shows that the trend has a long way to go.This is an opportunity that the youth of India should have a clear idea about and start taking an advantage of it. Different parts of India has a huge demand for computer application professionals and various colleges

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Best BBA Colleges In India

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There are numerous universities and private institutions that offer a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course in India but a selected few institutions have earned a reputation of excellence; in both academic and industry exposure that they impart to the students undergoing the undergraduate bachelor's programme in management. Some of the coveted universities and institutions are as follow Indian Institute of Management – Indore (www.iimidr.ac.in) Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies – Pune (www.scmspune.ac.in) Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies – Noida (www.scmsnoida.ac.in) Saint Xavier’s College – Mumbai (www.xaviers.edu/main) Delhi University (www.du.ac.in/du) Institute of Busines Studies & Research (IBSAR) - Mumbai (www.ibsar.ac.in)

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Secret to Success in Board Exams

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We are sure that, you all have heard it, used it several times in words, but you have never thought of applying it in your lives. And you know what the irony is, you expect the reaction to take place in your life without putting in the required effort or action and you allowing the inhibitors to rule your mind. So, if you are expecting good result or reaction, don’t you think students you ought to put in good and sincere efforts or action. Let yourself be known for your actions. Also Read: Important things to keep in mind while

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Important things to know before pursuing degree in Hotel Management

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We Indians have a very famous verse in Sanskrit, “Atithi Devo Bhavo”. This is just not a phrase but also reflects Indian culture and ideology where the guest is respected as a God and the course of Hospitality Management is weaved around the services being provided to the guests in the field of hotels, restaurants, cruise lines, casinos, airlines, catering to name a few. Hospitality Management is a part of the service industry. The Indian tourism and hospitality industry has emerged as one of the key drivers of growth among the services sector in India. Education Hotel management course is

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How To Control Your Mind for Board Exam

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It is the psychological affairs within a personality that distinguishes one from the other. One day is equal to 86,400 seconds in which the earth rotates once with a mass of approx 6X10^24 kg then why can’t one control a mind which is merely 1.4kg? If the sun and the earth would have been inconsistent with their pattern, can one really think that they would have been able to do things as they were happening? The earth works persistently and consistently despite the mass it carries, to rotate, once a day. As a result, we experience seasons and other similar