Class 12 board exam results 2019: Marks is just a matter of number! Let’s look beyond the score sheets.

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CBSE released Class 12 Board Exam Result 2019 at their official site. The students are instructed to check the results via the official website, and

The Board published the results on 2nd May. Much to everyone’s surprise, it fell quite earlier than the announced time- 3rd week of May. The news and the tweets flashed across the screens stating the region-wise score list, the rate of success among boys and girls. Additionally, the bold highlighted lines read about the highest scores, the rate of increase in success rate, toppers Hansika Shukla (Meerut, Ghaziabad), Karishma Arora (Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh). As per the recent reports, the total pass rate for CBSE 2019 Class 12 is 83.4%.

Technically speaking, the trend of ‘high scores’ is greatly prevalent in our country. Despite the hard work, sweat, and sacrifices, the majority fall short of the ‘toppers list’ or ‘the score above 95%’ and more alike as per the score standards invented in our times. Often times, we miss out on so many important things in life while struggling to keep up with the standards set by our contemporary society. We get depressed by our mere imagination of scoring less than our peers. We lose sleep over our board exam results. Right from the preparatory level to the time you reach the secondary level, you’re convinced by society, your tutors, seniors, peers, that board exam results build paths for your dream career aka ‘future’.

So, is everything in our life is determined by our board exam results? It’s not, logically. In practical life and in our career, nothing is determined by success or failures. Don’t get it wrong, marks do matter. Good marks can get you through your dream college, provide you the right impact, and bring better opportunities. However, the fact is, there comes a time in life where the college brand and the marks will cease to matter. The world will pave the way to other things like knowledge, skills, creativity, talent. etc. These things shape your personality and determine your path in life, not the score in your mark sheet. So, no matter how excellent or poorly your score, don’t settle there! Life’s much more than what’s there in a score sheet, here’s the reason why?

Marks don’t determine your potential and future achievements

We cannot conclude on determining one’s worth depending on his score sheet. Based on this notion, many institutions defy the practice of relying on board exams marks for admission. They conduct an entrance test simply to check a student’s potential- taking into account the general awareness, communication skills, team spirit, to gain a holistic understanding of the student’s capabilities. We’re living in times where scoring more than 90% have become common.

The excellent grades simply indicate that the student worked much harder than his peers and thus has a greater amount of knowledge and understanding that reflected in his score sheet.
The marks sheet proves his personal understanding and knowledge of a particular domain like science, language, history, etc. But, holds no evidence of his aptitude for that subject or that particular field. Marks don’t determine the true potential and student’s future achievements.

Organizations value skills, not scores

A company hiring a PR Manager will look for excellent communication skills, interpersonal abilities, social skills to address the requests of the clients. The ability to coordinate a team, logical thinking, decision-making abilities, etc. Employers seek candidates with well-rounded personalities. Applicants who are expert at the work they do and possess the soft-skills to match it are given the utmost performance. A topper in the batch deprived of these qualities will not be confirmed a job.
Organizations consider and value your enthusiasm to learn and an aptitude to learn new skills fast. They expect one to take charge of their responsibility and solve problems with the least external help. Our educational system doesn’t intend to teach these skills even when they’re aware of its demand in the professional field.

In our country, lakhs of graduates are unemployed. It’s not because there are not enough jobs, but there aren’t enough skilled and suitable candidates to fill out the vacant posts. Because we don’t polish our skills and strengths but rather cram the books to score the outstanding grades. Our obsession with scoring more than 90% drifts the focus from identifying our strengths and potential. Marks will remain just a part of what you’ve studied. But, it will fail to reveal your entire potential. Your scores in Chemistry can never define your strengths, creativity, and your potential to work in diverse work culture, your leadership skills, etc. In the professional and practical arena, these skills are what they look for or, expect in you.

Marks are temporary criteria of evaluation

If you ask a person with over 10 years of professional experience, it’s highly probable that he will not be able to recall their exact class 12 board score. It happens because it just doesn’t carry much importance to their career or in life. Initailly, board percentage may appear like everything, but gradually you’ll realize that it’s just a temporary criterion of evaluation that would pave paths for growth over the years.

Over the passage of our careers, we participate in multiple unusual stuff. Such as contests, internships, certifications, exchange programs, job experience. All of these factors add feathers to our hats. At a certain point in time, scores become completely unimportant from the resume. In fact, if you work for 4-5 years, you do not mention your percentage on your resume at all. Your score does not evaluate your worth as a person. Low scores are not the end of the world.

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