Rumi Paul Chowdhury
Rumi Paul ChowdhuryAsst. Professor

Rumi Paul Chowdhury has received her Masters degree in Accounting and finance and bachelors degree in Management from the University of North Bengal with first class marks .She has been awarded with silver medal in both bachelors and masters degree by the governor of west bengal. She has a brilliant academic track record and has attended many workshops in finance. She has also conducted survey on various topics including Recycling of Waste by Resorts in hilly areas,sample test for different marketing products. She is very Passionate about imparting knowledge and exploring the different dimensions of teaching.


  • )M.COM from Department of Commerce, North Bengal University.
  • B.COM from Department of Commerce, Siliguri college of commerce, Siliguri.


  • Stock Trading
  • Tax Planning
  • Dance and Drama
  • Sports


  • )Silver medal in master degree, Dept of commerce, University of North Bengal. (Awarded by the governor of West Bengal)
  • Silver medal in bachelors degree. Siliguri college of commerce, university of North Bengal. (Awarded by the governor of West Bengal)
  • Awarded by North bengal development minister, in 2010 for academic excellence.
  • Received scholarship by the govt. of west-bengal in 2015 for academic excellence.