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Can my run be disqualified?

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Event organizers can reject any entry which has suspect GPS data (straight line outside normal run route, unrealistic high pace like sub 3 min/km pace at any time during run, etc) Event organizers have the right to take any decisions for disqualifying a participant if the participant is considered to have taken any external help in running the distance (like using a cycle or any other vehicle for a run), using a powered vehicle for rides or any external aid, or cheated in any way.

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How do I qualify as a finisher?

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To qualify as a finisher, you are required to submit your activity data on our website in the form of a public GPS activity link (as per your race distance) from apps like Strava, Garmin Connect, Runkeeper, Endomondo, etc, or public link to your finish timing at any organized marathon race. It is not necessary for you to take part in an organized race to submit your run data. A self-supported run which meets the above data submission criteria is enough.

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When will my Strava activity data be imported?

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Your activity will be available on our website within an hour of your activity data submission or post availability in your Strava account if you have connected your HDOR account to Strava. If your run data is not available in your account within one hour, please submit the activity link and data manually via app or website.

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