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How do I record and submit my activity data?

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Data submission: You can submit your activity data directly on our website or HDOR app after logging in to your account with your credentials. You will need to submit your activity distance, time as well as an activity link. Activity Link: Activity link is a URL or website link which has details of your recorded run activity, including date, time, distance, splits, pace, etc (see this for details). You can find and share or copy activity links from your run or ride mobile app or from the website for the app or GPS watch. You should ensure that all your

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How do I login to my account?

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Participants need to login to the HDOR website using their communicated login credentials. No new accounts will be created for pre-existing HDOR participants, they can use their existing HDOR accounts for data submission if they registered for the using the same email credentials as their HDOR account.

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