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Inspiria Views on Studytonight

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Studytonight is a vision to provide free and easy education to everyone on the Internet. They are working towards bringing the entire study routine of students on the Internet. From gaining Knowledge to collecting notes, discussing problems to saving best for exams, and everything else that will help students utilize their precious nights. They have started up with providing  tutorials for some great Computer Programming subjects, and are constantly working hard to expand their Library. Also, they are building a collection of Online Video courses from some of the elite universities of World and other Internet sources. So that, the students can

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Interview: Mr. Abhishek Ahlawat, Fouder Studytonight

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1. So Mr. Abhishek you are the founder of studytonight.com, what inspired you to startup this venture? I mean was there any turning moment or a situation that made you think of an idea like this? During my college days I wasn’t very interested in getting good marks or cram subjects up to pass semester exams, leading to No campus placement for me. After that I was at home for about an year, and that year changed me forever. I learnt Web development all by myself. Setup a home server and hosted my first website from my laptop. I then

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Facilities offered to Incubators

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Mentoring and Advisory Business Plan Advisory Strategic Plan Execution support Team Development and Support Industrial Leads via networking and support Financial Advisory and Support Financial Modeling and Evaluation Valuation Advisory Fund Raising Advisory and Support Legal & Patent Advisory and Support Infrastructure Support Space with all facilities Six Day operations Institutional Security High Dedicated Bandwidth Library support ICIE currently offers a Virtual Incubation Program which helps startups and Entrepreneurs to avail of all the Incubation support without being present at the Incubator. This program has been specifically designed for geographically dispersed startups/Enterprises who would want to become a part of

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Inspiria Views on Learnyst

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LEARNYST.COM (SHANKAR MAHESH AND SHIVA RANJAN) Trainers, coaches and tutors across the globe are increasingly interested in expanding their local audience by creating and selling online courses. Bangalore-based Learnyst offers educators all the tools they need to set up a storefront to sell their online courses, assess and manage their students, host their content and receive payments. ABOUT LEARNYST It helps educators build their branded online school and sell courses. In short they are building the Shopify for educators. Their goal is to make teaching online very simple, secured and cost effective. Ultimately, their vision is to see the educational resources in

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Interview: Mr. Shivaranjan Veerendra Kumar, Co-Founder Learnyst

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1. What inspired you to startup this venture? I mean was there any turning moment or a situation that made you think of an idea like this? When we did our market survey for online music learning in early 2014 we found that there was a great demand for technology solution for independent educators & test prep institutes to teach online. We developed a minimal product prototype and demoed it to 50 prospective leads. They were impressed and about 5 of them signed up as paid customers immediately. This gave us lot of confidence about our concept / idea and

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