1. So Mr. Abhishek you are the founder of studytonight.com, what inspired you to startup this venture? I mean was there any turning moment or a situation that made you think of an idea like this?

During my college days I wasn’t very interested in getting good marks or cram subjects up to pass semester exams, leading to No campus placement for me. After that I was at home for about an year, and that year changed me forever. I learnt Web development all by myself. Setup a home server and hosted my first website from my laptop. I then went on joining CDAC Noida, as they guaranteed job after completion of the course their, this was late 2012. At CDAC I saw students struggling with coding subjects, looking for online resources to study. And hence, Studytonight was born. I still remember the date, it was 15th Jan, 2013 when I first came up with this idea.

2.Mr. Abhishek how did you form this team?

Forming a team was easier as we were all students. And when we are students we are not very much bothered about the returns, we are just curious and at our risk taking best. I got two of my friends on board, Abhijeet Singh and Supriya Kachroo. Abhijeet helped me with preparing the initial content and Supriya managed the marketing and getting the initial traffic on website. And I was the Web developer.

3. Mr.Abhishek, we have seen your site and you have done a brilliant job! How did you find out about the future?

We didn’t. We solved a problem which we saw will have an impact on the present, not the future.

4. You’re the founder of this firm, how do you feel leading this idea?

I think Education is a domain, which needs change. We are a very small part of it. And we are determined to leave a dent, however small that might be. We are right now not looking for investment by Advisors, as our next step is to open up a School.

5. Please tell us about some of the achievements of studytonight.com

Studytonight is a performer. In the first year itself we reached a mark of 60k alexa world rank. Currently we stand at about 29k Alexa world rank. We have 27k registed users growing at a rate of 10% every month now. We will soon be starting with Challenges, which will not necessarily be programming challenges, with a price of Rs 2500 to be won every week.

6 .How do you adverstise and how are you going to be advertising studytonight.com?

Right now we haven’t focussed much on advertising and our prime aim was building the right product. But yes, we do invest in Facebook promotion. We have also started sponsoring college festivals.

7. Mr.Abhishek, how tough was it to make this idea/dream into a reality?

It wasn’t tough to start as we were studying, we prepared the lessons, developed the website and went online in less than 2 months. The problem started then. Growth can give you sleepless nights. Growing a product is very difficult. Deciding upon what new feature to put up next, will people like it? Etc questions are always tough. But yes, we have managed, to push in the right things at the right time.

8. So Mr.Abhishek, how do you think the users of studytonight.com will react after using it?

They are mostly happy. To see such amazing, simple and easy-to-understand tutorial presented in a beautiful and colourful manner. We receive emails of appreciation every day from our users. They love the User Experience that Studytonight provides.

9. I would like to ask you, what is the USP of studytonight.com?

USP of Studytonight is, that it brings smiles on the faces of our users. Easy to learn lessons, Amzing Interactive Courses, Handpicked Tests, a helping community and a clean and colourful user experience.

10. All our youth, with an aspiration to startup would like to know how did you manage resources for starting up your business plan?

It is not difficult. We should always start lean, with minimum investment. And then grow as the time demands. In 2013, I was also a student when I started Studytonight. What was the investment, Rs600 to buy a domain name, another Rs 2500 for hosting the website, and a lots of hard work.

So never consider money to be a problem, one can always start small. What is more important is the team. Pick the right people to start with.

11. How do you think that your contribution towards the nation help? Be it employability, help, etc.

We are a small company. Our contribution towards nation has just started, by promoting the right technology education but its still a long long way to go. If we talk about Employability, we do not generate jobs, but yes we work upon making students Job ready by various online courses that we provide.

12. Mr. Abhishek, as per you, what is your competition analysis?

Competition is huge. There are thousands of Online Blogs, websites providing articles, blog posts etc. But yes, we have managed to emerge out amongst the top visited websites. And our aim, is not to stay where we are right now, but to grow beyond which I think our competitors are not working upon.

13. Where do you see your business in the coming 5 years, what are your stages of development?

In 5 years I see Studytonight as a well know brand in Education domain, with collaborations with schools, bring more practicality into education. The first stage, is, setting up Studytonight Workshop for Engineering Students to help them acquire the needed skills for their career.

14. Did you ever incur a moments that discouraged you? Any losses or lows? If yes, what made you stand strong, who or what was it that motivated you at that point.

As of now, things are going smooth. There are always ups and downs but nothing considerable yet.

Rapid Fire Round!

1. What does success mean to you in one sentence?

Response – success is making a change that you strongly feel about.

2. How would you evaluate a tough situation in one word?

Response – Not impossible

3. What does achievement mean to you, in one line?

Response – achievement, the change in education system correctly which I feel is going the right way.

4. Life is a rat race- do you agree or disagree.

Response – it actually is. When you see a the education system one can see that life is a rat race.

5. What does start up to you, a challenge or an opportunity, or both?

Response – both, its a challenge that we should take up and its an opportunity if done right. Its a challenge to prove something that is not there and 100% opportunity- because we are the only one doing its.

6. One advice to the aspirants who want to startup?

Response – Patience, is must and not giving up.

Thank you