Winner NASSCOM eSumuit Business Plan competitions 16th January 2016.

UP Cart will solve the problems that people face while carrying loads ( heavy luggages , goods ) specially on a fleet of stairs . Carrying loads on a fleet of stairs is a problem that is faced by every one of us, therefore, our company’s product ‘ Step Climber’ will be an add-on solution to solve the problem of carrying loads on a fleet of stairs.


Step climber can easily roll over on the flat ground and a added advantage is that with the same ease it can roll over the stairs too which the normal hand trolleys fail. Step climber will be equipped with a Tri-Star wheel mechanism which will enable it to climb over the stairs and any terrain smoothly. It will also combine the utility of all terrain stair climbing chassis with the convenience of the traditional folding cart. Bearings that will hold up to the rigors of the modern life, and developed on a modular folding chassis that will shape itself to the unique challenges of objects in different environments and on different surfaces.