An event which needs no introduction. With various entertaining and intriguing rounds involving extensive use of audio and visual clues, the event is an ideal pastime among the masses. So, let’s reminisce the days gone back!


  1. ALL IZZ WELL: The game will start with a bowl of chits given to the first team. The team member has to pick any one of the chits. Then he will have to sing a song containing that word. The next team will pick a word from the previous team’s song and do the same and this continues.
  2. KUCH NAA KAHO : This is a round where a member from the team have to enact the name of the movie given to them. The team has to recognise the name of the movie and sing a song from that movie. (2 min to Enact)
  3. GOLMAAL: The entire situation of the song will be explained and then they will have to guess the correct song. (1 min to Explain)
  4. HERA PHERI: In this round jumbled lyrics will be given to the participants, which they have to rearrange and sing. (30 Seconds to Rearrange).


  • Maximum 3 participants in a team from each College. Each college can have two teams.
  • No song can be repeated in the game.
  • Negative markings on wrong lyrics.
  • Only Bollywood Songs.
  • Mobile Phones will not be allowed in the event hall.
  • Decision of the judges will be treated as final.
  • Violence or abusive language should be strictly avoided.
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