It is an event where the participants will be given a specific case study 1 hour prior to the commencement of the event. A team must comprise of 6-7 members consisting of chairman / managing director / CEO, Secretary and four other directors as heads of different departments as per the case study. The Secretary shall note down the minutes of the meeting (proceedings of meeting). The ‘concerned’ Head of Department shall give the details of the issue (given) in writing to the secretary and the secretary will verbally present it before the board.


  • Duration: (8+2)+5+3 minutes
  • The board shall have a discussion of 8 minutes on the issue and its effects on the business.
  • An additional time of 2 minutes has been added for the CEO to present the resolution.
  • The board shall come up with a solution to the issue and an executable plan.
  • After the meeting, there will be a press conference of about 5 minutes where the team has to address the press and answer questions raised by them. Opinions cannot be repeated.
  • The minutes will have to also include the solution(s) to the problem given and the question(s)
  • All the participants must have an active role in the board meet.
  • All participants need to wear Business Formals.
  • Each college must have two press members excluding the board team members.
  • Each team should bring their own stationery and laptops (if required).
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