Treasure hunt makes much better stories when there’s treasure at the end. Let the game be ventured.


  • One team per College.
  • Maximum of five members per team.
  • The Treasure Hunt consists of 5 clues, each one leading to the next clue. Each correctly solved clue carries 10 points. And final Treasure carries 50 points.
  • The clues are to be found in a particular order. A team cannot skip a clue. Skipping a clue leads to disqualification of the team.
  • Do not search for clues in off-limit areas.
  • If you found other team’s clue by any chance never tamper it. A violation of this rule could cause disqualification of your team.
  • You move any college property to search the clue, kindly replace it back.
  • All the clues of the teams are different and located at different places but the final destination i.e. the treasure is same. The team which finds the treasure wins first.
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