DRAMEBAAZ (Shivam Kumar -9162916532/ Garima Agrawal -7908486041)

Bollywood is one industry that has given us all kinds of moments. Be it emotional, sad, serious and humorous, Bollywood has it all. If you consider yourself a Bollywood fan, but B-town has been churning out blockbuster hits and epic scenes so iconic one after the other that they have lasted decades and achieved legendary status.

Each team can choose the scene from below mentioned options.

A. SHOLAY – Kitne Aadmi the (whole scene)
B. DAMINI – Tareekh Pe Tareekh (whole scene)
C. CHAK DE INDIA – Sattar Minute (whole scene)
D. PYAAR KA PUNCHNAMA – A happy woman is a myth (Kartik Aryan monologue)


  • Each team comprises of minimum of 1 to a maximum of 5 members (depending upon the scene).
  • The enactment has to be completed within the given time limit (2-5 min)
  • The competition will be conducted in just one round
  • Each team can act only one scene
  • Judge’s decision will be final
  • A team can play background music score but not the dialogue.
  • Marks will be given on the basis of dialogue delivery and expression

FASHION SHOW (Subina Rajal -9064505520/ Annu Bhutra -9801399494)

“Man, the crown of creation, is plundering the natural resources and ravaging the beautiful world of Nature thoughtlessly. Saving Nature is the most pressing concern of the hour . Let us send out this pertinent message in style!”

THEME : World History


  • One team per college will be entertained.
  • Minimum 10 and Maximum 15 members in one team.
  • All participants must register and carry their College ID.
  • Time limit is 10 – 20 minutes. Exceeding the time limit will lead to negative marking. Participants need to submit their sound tracks 2 hours before the event
  • All the garments, accessories, makeup and props must be arranged by the team itself.
  • Only the changing room will be provided to the team by the college.
  • Teams will be judged on the basis of Walk, Theme, Costume, Choreography and Performance.
  • Vulgarity and hazardous items are strictly prohibited.
  • College or management won’t be responsible for lost or stolen articles.

GROOVE AND MOVE (Rahul Gupta -8101332797/ Sakshi Sharma -8250609572)

“Why be moody when you can dance it off”

India is a country of varied culture and languages. The best way to celebrate this diversity is through music and dance. This event is a celebration of different Indian folk dance forms as participants tap their feet in groups.

THEME: Fusion


  • Time limit is 4-5 minutes. Negative marking would be there for exceeding time limit.
  • Minimum six members should participate in a group.
  • The choice of song is open to the participants. Vulgar and inappropriate content is strictly prohibited.
  • No props will be provided by the coordinators. The participants must bring their own props that would not harm the environment.
  • All of the teams must submit their songs two days before the event.

KARAOKE( Aashish Gurung – 8016480092, Aryendra Khan – 7407072786)

A fun filled event for all music lovers – Classic Karaoke of popular Hindi songs! The real challenge lies in catching up with the music and lyrics and keeping the audience entertained at the same time.

THEME: College Life


  • Regular Karaoke rules will apply
  • The competition comprises of one round
  • Students can participate as solo contestants
  • They will pick their songs by drawing lots on the spot
  • Maximum singing time is 3-4 minutes.
  • Participants will be judged on the basis of their ability to pick up the songs and match up with the lyrics and the track playing in the background
  • Only <popular Hindi/ Bollywood songs related to the theme will be given to the participants

MIMIC A BAND (Himalaya Das- 9734179924/ Amisha Sarawagi- 8597746715)

“Mirror music”

An event where participants will have to mimic any well-known band for a given time period and will be judged based on their performance.


  • Participants have to mention which band they are mimicking
  • Only one band from each college can participate.
  • Minimum of four to a maximum of five members are allowed to participate from a band.
  • Bands will be allotted a total of 15 minutes, which includes 3 minutes for soundcheck.
  • Bands must get their own instruments and accessories besides drum, which will be provided by the host college.
  • Any abusive language or signs, if used, the band will be disqualified.

RAP SHOWCASE (Sweety Dubey:7872428067/ Ashish Adhikhary: 9734392663)

“Welcome the old school hip hop”

THEME: Social Commentary


  • Using of indecent words is strictly prohibited.
  • Maximum individuals participating from each college – 2.
  • Time limit – 3 minutes(maximum).
  • No language barrier.
  • Exceeding the time limit will lead to negative marking.
  • Participants need to submit their sound tracks 2 days before the event.

STAGE CHAMPS (Sourav Adhikari -8972729347/ Mahesh Adhikari -9749430693)

It is a solo singing competition in two categories – “Indian” or “Western”. Now, it’s your chance to shine.


  • Any two participants from each college.
  • One participant is allowed only for one category (Indian or Western).
  • Song should be of 2 – 3 minutes.
  • Participants have to arrange for their own musician (one guitar, no keyboard)
  • Song should not contain any indecent lyrics.

DRAMA in Contemporary times reflecting the Socio Political Scenario

(Shreya Roy – 7430924115, Kalyan Roy – 7217767928)


  • Each Team should have a minimum of 4 members and a maximum of 12 members.
  • Time duration- Min-7 & Max- 10.
  • Decision of the judges will be final.
  • Negative marking for exceeding the time limit.

MEN’S PHYSIQUE 2020 (Rohan Roy – 8670026209/ Mehtab Alam – 8927459637)


  • Only for college students.
  • Students are not allowed to participate if they don’t bring their college ID.
  • Athletes should be wearing board shorts.
  • No ornaments are allowed.
  • No tanning color is allowed.
  • 3 Rounds will be conducted:
  • Round 1: Solo Posing.
  • Round 2: (a) Line Up. (b) 4 mandatory quarter turns.
  • Round 3: Comparison Round