Matrices a plural of matrix which is a table of numbers, symbols or expressions, arranged in rows and columns. If they have the same dimensions i.e each matrix has the same number of columns and rows as the other, these matrices can be added or subtracted by an element. However, for matrix multiplication, only when the number of columns in the first equals the number of rows in the second i.e. the inner dimensions are the same, n for an (mxn)-matrix times an (nxp)-matrix, resulting in an (mxp)-matrix.

Topics and Sub Topics Class 12 Maths Chapter 3 – Matrices:
• 3 – Matrices
• 3.1 Introduction
• 3.2 Matrix
• 3.3 Types of Matrices
• 3.4 Operations on Matrices
• 3.5 Transpose of Matrix
• 3.6 Symmetric and Skew Symmetric Matrices
• Elementary Operation (Transformation) of Matrix
• Invertible Matrices

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