As the first step towards unleashing the leadership abilities of the students, the Student Representative Council has been envisioned. Nominated students across the department are assigned leadership roles under positions of Chair and Co- Chair. These positions will oversee all student activities relating to academic, placement, sports and cultural events. They will also form the interface between the student body and the administration.

Student Relations Coordinator

As in many cases students often feel shy or uncomfortable to approach the Administration on various issues, it often leads to unresolved grievances and sometimes a sense of demotivation among them. Keeping this in mind and focusing on the need of a healthy coordination among students, the Student Relations Coordinators have been nominated. It will surely help all students by making it easier to approach the Coordinators with any concerns.

Bikash Mittal


The objective of this council is to offer an open platform for the students to come forward and discuss their academic related issues, help in research related activities, hone the entrepreneurial skills, organize talks with Industry related persons, workshops etc.


Ankit Roy

Avik Agarwal

joel g samuel

Sweta Gupta


Priyanka Kumari

Navya Agarwal

Sheetal Jhalaria

Palak Garodia


The objective of the council is the students to be an integral part of the Placement activities.The representatives of the council will actively participate from the initial stages of placement to the final stage.They will work closely with the TOP and the Programme Coordinator.


Bibek Chandak

Kaushik Debnath

Diksha Agarwal

Pooja Gurung


Divya Kesheri

Reshmi Kumari

Prashant Jha

Richa Sharma


The student representatives will be directly responsible for all the cultural and other different programmes throughout the year.


Upashna chettri

Amit Agarwal

Anmol Rai

Chhiyama Sampang


Tripti Shina

Sarthak Goyal

Aditya Saha Gupta

Yanchen Lhamo


All sports related activities will be organised and planned by the representatives of this council.


Abishek Agarwal

Rajat Tirkey

Dani T. Samuel

Biswajit Singh


Baiju Saha

Rahul Pandey

Vivek Pandey

Abhinav kumar Das