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Feel The Good Times in Hospitality Sector | Career & Growth

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The hospitality Industry offers a wide range of thrilling career options Have you ever wondered why guest relation executives in posh hotels or cabin crew attendants inside a plane look so smart. Their body language seems just about perfect, their smiles measured and their bearings dignified. You hardly find them groping for the right word when they speak and their conversation displays true class. They never, indeed never ask you to “get out of the plane” when you arrive at your destination, nor do they ask you to “sit down and tie on your safety belts!” Rather they ask you

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CHOCOLATES! – Made at Inspiria

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It was the aroma of chocolates that greeted the Insipirian on Monday morning, The Hospitality Department was a bustle of activity. The students were excited to make homemade chocolates. For all the diet conscious people it was a sinful treat. Five variety of chocolates were made- Plain Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Orange Marmalade Chocolate, Wine Chocolate and Chocolate Ganache. Miss. Spiti Sarkar a lawyer cum chef from Delhi, the owner of the bakery named 'Concoct' conducted the workshop for the hospitality department. Her focus is to deliver the finest quality product using unadulterated ingredients. The students got first hand

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Fried Chicken with Pepper Sauce

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This week, the menu for Inspiria Production Class are: Veloute Dame Blanche Fried Chicken with Pepper Sauce Honey Glazed Carrots Leafy Salad Inspiria Menu of the Week   In French, Dame Blanche refers to a white lady and in culinary term it generally refers to a dessert made of ice cream and whipped cream. To make the Veloute Dame Blanche the chicken quenelles were made as airy and light as possible like the whipped cream. Hence the dish was name Veloute Dame Blanche. Fried Chicken with Pepper-Sauce and Honey Glazed Carrots   Fried Chicken with Pepper Sauce: Boneless chicken pieces

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