Grow Higher with Inspiria Knowledge Campus

At Inspiria Knowledge Campus College we want you to reach your full potential. We understand that choosing a place of making a career is a huge decision, which is why we are the best place to help you grow and make an excellent occupation.

A personalized, one-to-one approach

Things can get out of hand and monotonous at times but we at Inspiria College pledge to help you out with issues and problems that may crop up. We will give personal attention and solve issues as soon as possible. The solution found will also be amicable.

Gain industry experience

Just having theoretical knowledge is not enough. One needs to have practical knowledge as well to excel and do well in the teaching field. We at Inspiria Knowledge Campus will help you gain industry related experience which will help in your all round development and growth.

Teach in the heart of North Bengal’s most livable city

Siliguri city is the second biggest city of North Bengal after Kolkata. It is the connector between the Darjeeling hills and the rest of the country. We at Inspiria want to make your experience completely different and enjoyable so that work does not become a burden for you.

Learn using state-of-the-art facilities

Inspiria College Siliguri has the best infrastructure amongst colleges in town. You will get the best opportunity to enhance your skills and bring out your best potential. It will help in making it a win-win situation for you as well as the students associated with you.


Get the best state-of-the-art facility to enhance your skills and experience.


Get refresher courses from Industry experts to enhance your knowledge and skills.


We are affiliated to & follow West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT)