B.Sc in IT (Artificial Intelligence): At the forefront of Technology

Inculcating deep understanding of Artificial Intelligence, including its principles, various aspects and applications.

B.Sc in IT (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of machines to perform tasks normally performed by humans or any intelligent being. It is a technology in which a machine/computer perceives its surroundings, learns from them, and acts accordingly. In recent years, Artificial Intelligence has emerged as one of the most rapidly evolving technologies. This technology is now used in almost all of the software and hardware that we use. AI in search engines, recommendation systems in YouTube, Netflix, shopping sites, etc., facial recognition, vehicles, language translations, and so on are some examples.


  • To instill in students a working knowledge of the concept of Artificial Intelligence.
  • To provide students with an in-depth understanding of artificial intelligence and its applications.
  • To familiarize the students with other aspects of AI which includes Machine Learning, Big Data, Deep Learning, Programming Languages, particularly Python.
  • To instill in students a thorough understanding of computer science and information technology.
  • To instill in students analytical skills, problem-solving abilities, and a variety of other skills necessary for success in the field of AI and information technology in general.
  • To expose students to the industry and provide them with as many opportunities to put their skills to the test as possible.
  • To provide students with the best theoretical and practical knowledge possible so that they can become AI experts.

Course Fee

Fee per Semester Rs. 45,000. Total Semester Fee = 6 x 45,000 = Rs.2,70,000

Fees DetailsAmount
Admission Fees₹ 42,000
Activity Fees₹ 2,100
Interest free Security Deposit (Refundable)₹ 10,000
Total₹ 54,100
Fees payable at the time of Admission
(Which includes first semester fees)
₹ 99,100
Total Course Fees for 3 Yrs₹ 3,14,100

Course Module

  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Discrete Structure
  • Soft skills
  • MOOCS Basket 1
  • MOOCS Basket 2
  • MOOCS Basket 3
  • MOOCS Basket 4
  • Data Structures with python
  • Operating System
  • Environmental Science
  • MOOCS Basket 1
  • MOOCS Basket 2
  • MOOCS Basket 3
  • MOOCS Basket 4
  • Project and Entrepreneurship
  • Database Management System
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • MOOCS Basket 1
  • MOOCS Basket 2
  • MOOCS Basket 3
  • MOOCS Basket 4
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Computer Networks
  • Software Engineering
  • Data Visualisation
  • MOOCS Basket 1
  • MOOCS Basket 2
  • MOOCS Basket 3
  • MOOCS Basket 4
  • Minor Project and Entrepreneurship II

Theory + Practical

  • Deep Learning
  • Image Processing


     A. Pattern Recognition
     B. Security and Authentication
     C. Health Informatics
     A. Soft Computing
     B. Network Security
     C. Internet of Things


  • Cloud Computing
  • Robotics


     A. Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems
     B. Bioinformatics
     C. Big Data Analytics


  • Grand Viva
  • Major Project & Entrepreneurship II
  • Seminar

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