Developing entrepreneurial skills in students

Inspiria knowledge Campus offers a full time three year MAKAUT affiliated undergraduate course in Bachelor of Business Administration that is specifically designed to be experiential, analytical and industry relevant to instill and develop a body of knowledge and skills to equip students in the dynamic world of business management.

A thoughtful combination of class room teaching aided through googleclassroom, case studies, role plays, quizzes, industry visits, expert lectures and management games enable holistic learning through the course rapidly developing a mindset and disposition to appreciate and draw upon the learnings thought through various management subjects.

Well qualified professors drawn from a mix of industry and academia constantly direct and monitor the progress of students to ensure an uniform learning experience. An unique part of this programme is its summer internship that is offered to the students to experience a first hand understanding of corporate driven projects as an essential part of the curriculum.

Every student is throughly developed on communication and public speaking skills to specific industry standards and annual management fests and events provide for the opportunity to showcase their ever growing talent in the world of business management through concept based games and activities.