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Skills that make
you Life-Ready

inskills shape rectangle

Skills that make
you Life-Ready

Our Learning Philosophy

We Make Learning

Participative, Interactive and Fun!


Our Goal

to ensure our students develop the skills of persuasion, collaboration and communication. We aim to make them entrepreneurial, problem-solvers & highly employable dedicated teamworkers.

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Semester -1

Basic Communication Skills

The first inskills course aims to build basic communication skills in the students. The inskills format is highly engaging and demands a high level of collaborative tasks from the students. The fresh out of high school students gain a transformational experience and start their journey to become employable individuals through their competence and character.

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Module 1: Basics of Communication

The students experience and internalize the nuances of effective communication through collaborative group activities and self-learning exercises, guided by peer feedback.

Module 2: Presentation Skills

The students work together, in teams, to master the skills required for a team presentation. They work on skills step by step to structure and deliver impactful presentations.

First Course Culmination Event : First Impression

The students work together on a topic of their choice that is guided by their field of study or an impact project or an innovative entrepreneurship idea. The parents of the students are invited to witness the transformation that has happened in them through the first inskills course. 

Second Course Culmination Event : First Impact

The inskills Basic Team Skills course culminated in First Impact, an event where students formed interest-based teams and worked on projects from three pathways of Social Impact, Entrepreneurship, or Self-Development. Over two and a half months, they launched start-ups, engaged in social projects, worked on advanced technical development of robotics & acquired new skills

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Semester -2

Basic Team Skills

The second inskills course aims to make them great team workers and effective leaders. In this course, the approach is deeper and experiential to impart basic team skills to the students. After a tremendous improvement in personal communication skills, now the students will get together to form a team guided by a purpose and work together towards a common goal, in a result oriented manner.

Module 1: Teams & Projects

In this module, the students will make teams and select team projects for themselves from 3 different pathways – Social Impact, Entrepreneurship and Self-Improvement.

Module 2: Team & Trust

Week by week, the students will work on building the skills to make teams that have great synergy within themselves. Their own team context will be used as reference for this module.

Module 3: Team Performance

The teams will assess their own teams and projects on the performance against the previously set goals, and also hone their skills to deliver results with accountability.

Second Course Culmination Event : First Impact - Student Led Conference & Seminar

As the course is designed to be experiential, the students will, throughout the semester, focus on a tangible and real team project. In this culmination event, the students will organize themselves and carry out various conferences, seminars and workshops as well as events that showcase the result of their team projects.

What is Inskills?

The Inspiria inskills program is a unique soft-skills learning platform where students get to master soft skills and acquire personality development training in an innovative, skill-building set-up designed for interactive learning.

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Meet The Faculties


Geetanjali Rathore

Chief Architect & Lead Facilitator

We have built inskills as a playground for growth. Our students are young adults who are yet to figure out their ways around the world.

Fresh out of high-school, they lack the experience of essential skills in real life scenarios. Through our facilitation, we want to create unique experiential learning opportunities for them. The insights of these experiences will stay with them for life.

Dinesh Tiwari

Chief Architect & Facilitator

Through inskills, we have tried to level up skills training. We have designed an engaging platform where the students learn through each other, at multiple levels, even subconsciously.

We want to make sure that we have fun facilitating the sessions, and they have fun going through them, and learning happens as a by-product, much like in real life.


Shivam Thapa


In this hyper-stimulated and over-competitive world, we cant over-emphasize the importance of the essential skills.

Inskills is a platform to freely develop the subtleties through personal experience and fun. The students get an all round experience and real human relations. For me, being able to help young minds through the revolutionary approach of inskills is, both an honor and a dream come true.

Glimpses of Inskills


The Inspiria inskills program is a unique soft-skills learning platform where students get to master soft skills and acquire personality development training in an innovative, skill-building set-up designed for interactive learning.

  • Students aspiring for holistic personality development.
  • Youngsters looking to excel in interviews and presentations.
  • Job seekers pursuing their dream careers.
  • Individuals seeking confidence for efficient social and business level interactions.

inskills presents a unique, interactive and participatory platform where the focus is on learning through peer-interaction and shared experiences based on practical insights. We at inskills believe that every individual has an innate and hidden potential. The idea is to harness and optimize that potential in the constantly changing team dynamics to evolve personally and as a team. inskills focuses on learning and growing in a non-judgemental, fun-filled atmosphere to help students shed their inhibitions in the easy, supportive, training ambience

Participants at the inskills program are able to master the ABCs of clear and confident conversation at different communication levels. They learn to exhibit impactful body language that radiates confidence, enhancing the power of positive impression and persuasion that are much required for leadership positions. Participants gain insider tips on the art of handling interviews like a seasoned professional as well as master social interaction subtleties for meaningful connections. Further improvement is effected through improved session roles, observation, peer feedback, and active participation. In short, participants benefit immensely from engaging and fun team activities that stimulate an intensive learning process.

The most encouraging aspect of inskills is its unique and interactive learning approach. Hands-on tasks and real-life scenarios replace dull lecture sessions. Remember, participants at inskills aren’t just learners; they’re also guides, peers—all supporting each other’s growth. Besides, it’s not solely about skills; it’s about boosting overall confidence.The non-judgemental learning ambience is its USP.

Be sure not to expect hefty textbooks. The idea is all about active learning, all the time. Forget boring classes; here, you’re doing,not dozing. The bottom-line is – real skills for real-life situations,not just theoretical knowledge.


Where learning meets excitement, and every session is a step toward a brighter future!