Enthusiasm and sportsmanship defines Youth Run 2K18

The Inspiria Knowledge Campus now launches the marathon namely Inspiria Youth Run, the event is surely going to bring out the fun-loving spirit in you. Running is one of the favorite sporting among all the age group, the marathon is now in Siliguri, each one of us can now run for a better cause and healthier lifestyle. The marathon conducted by the Inspiria knowledge campus is one of kind and will be held in two phases, one being the 5 Km long and the other 10 km long, both the races will be held on 10th of March this financial year, get ready to sweat and run as hard as you can.

The marathon will consist of two primary phases one being the on-road environment and the other being the off-road environment, in both the races one has to cover different types of road conditions. The circuit of the Inspiria Youth Run will pass through the premises of Himachal Vihar and Uttrayan, each of the participants will be receiving quality T-shirts along with digital certificates to glorify their participation for a bright cause.

Each one of the participants running will carry their own motto, further, the Inspiria Knowledge campus will be collecting the funds to educate students and brighten up the country’s future. The college that inspires others to achieve will now also serve the country’s children through the funds collected during the Inspiria Youth Run event. The winners of the event will get commemorated with trophies to respect the level of commitment and excellence in them. Let’s join hands to make the first of kind event ever hosted in North Bengal as one of the largest ever witnessed.


Watch the Run in Action!