Conceive Ideas into Start-Ups, Evolve into a Brand

Designed to inculcate an entrepreneurial mindset, industry skills development training

BBA (Entrepreneurship)

Inspiria’s three-year undergraduate BBA entrepreneurship is designed to install business acumen and ignite your entrepreneurial spirit. Learn to navigate the dynamic world of startups, develop innovative strategies, and master the art of successful business ventures. Fuel your passion, acquire vital skills, and shape a future where you are the driving force of your own success.


  • Generate innovative ideas for to create a startup.
  • Identifying and evaluating innovative ideas with adequate business potential.
  • Preparing business plans which provide a multi-faceted view of the business idea.
  • Successfully executing the Business Plan to gain traction in the market

Course Fee

Consult our counsellor for complete information regarding our fee structure.

Course Fee

Fee per Semester Rs. 50,000. Total Semester Fee = 6 x 50,000 = Rs.3,00,000

Fees DetailsAmount
Admission Fees42,000
Activity Fees2,100
Interest free Security Deposit (Refundable)10,000
Fees payable at the time of Admission
(Which includes first semester fees)
Total Course Fees for 3 Yrs3,44,100

Course Module

  • BBAE – 101-Common Traits and mindset of self-made Businessmen & Entrepreneurs
  • BBAE – 102-Exploring Small/Home Business with minimum or no capital
  • BBAE – 103-Franchise Business
  • BBAE – 104-New Business Ideas. Waste to Wealth Sustainability Based Business
  • BBAE – 105-SWOT and Risk Analysis of Business
  • BBAE- 201-Forms of Business Organization
  • BBAE- 202-Business Regulatory Framework
  • BBAE- 203-Market And Research Methodology for Startups
  • BBAE- 204-Business Plans and Roadmap
  • BBAE- 205-Financial Planning and Management
  • BBAE 301-Marketing Strategies, Advertising & PR for Business
  • BBAE 302- E-Commerce and Cyber Security in Small Business
  • BBAE 303-Digital Marketing & Logistics Planning
  • BBAE 304-Guerrilla Marketing & Promotional Strategies
  • BBAE 305-CSR & PR for Small Business
  • BBAE-401-SOP & Process Driven Business Culture
  • BBAE-402-Automation, Financial Prudence and Cost Control
  • BBAE-403-ERP & MIS
  • BBAE-404-Balance Sheet Study, Cash & Fund Flow Analysis
  • BBAE-405-Credit History, Credit Score & Credit Rating
  • BBAE-501-Hiring of Best Human Resources & Motivation
  • BBAE-502-Star Performers, Best Practices & Work Culture
  • BBAE-503-Great Place to Work
  • BBAE – 504-Best HR Practices
  • BBAE-505-ESOPs, Incentives, Health Insurance and Paid Holidays
  • BBAE -601-Formation of New Establishment and its Requisites
  • BBAE -601-Budgeting, Sustainability and Growth
  • BBAE -603-Management of Small Business & Entrepreneurship
  • BBAE -604-Customer Acquisition & Vendor Development
  • BBAE -605-Final Launch, Press Conference, Ad Promotion of Small Business

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