Defining Creativity

Advance your career with core principles of aesthetics

B.Sc in Interior Designing is a 3-year undergraduate course that fosters creativity and imparts a technical understanding of the interior design process. This comprehensive course provides an opportunity to understand the significance of appealing interior spaces and smart design. The craze for a B.Sc in Interior Designing is sky-high at this moment as it offers lucrative salary packages and career development. 

The Department of B.Sc interior design of Inspiria Knowledge Campus encourages students to actively participate in all campus activities and events to enhance their skills and creativity. The robust faculty support offers students to execute complex layout designs, structure designs of commercial complexes, color schemes, decorations, and so on. To maintain constant engagement with the industry the department of interior design conducts seminars, site visits, educational, exhibitions, and more importantly off-campus and on-campus placement drives.