The Photowall is introduced to provide an opportunity to the dynamic, young and amateur photographers of Inspiria to explore the creative and technical aspects of photography. The photowall aims to inspire the  students and photography enthusiasts through it’s creative compositions and vibrant color templates. It is a visual journey of documentation through the lens of these amature photographers. Every chapter has a new theme and visual content. The First chapter is dedicated to the “Eternal Beauty of Nature,” the second chapter is all about exploring the ‘Street Life in Black and White’ and the third chapter finds its expression ‘Through the Eyes of the Lens,’  a more generic theme as the students make their life straight after the post covid scenario.  This chapter of the Photo Wall is a humble attempt to record life through the lens.


A visual exploration

JULY – DEC 2020

This volume consists of 27 photographs, which capture the essence of resilience and survival. Based around the margins of a long-forgotten railway station, these photographs encapsulate the several micro-moments that go on to build the larger picture of our lives. This book promises to be an exceptional delight for all shutterbugs.


Through the Eyes of the Lens

NOV 2021 - FEB 2022

This chapter of the Photowall comprises 18 photographs that capture moments of awe. These moments are captured and presented before you with a short caption which entails the expression behind the lens. Photography like they say is an art where you paint an image with light. We hope this humble effort of ours speaks to your soul.


Creative vision behind the lens

JULY – DEC 2020

This volume comprises 85 photographs capturing the emotions and expressions, actions and objects keeping the street alive. It encompasses the ‘beats of the street’ captured in every photo. These candid visual statements in the form of photographs are the documentation of the fleeting time by the aspiring shutterbugs. These are ‘moments of truth’ captured in the ‘decisive moment’; the art and action of freezing the moments of life.