Career in Travel and Tourism after 12th – Get Full Guidance Here

With the outset of globalization, travel & tourism has risen to an exceptional level. The growing strength and the scope of the industry has a high demand for qualified and proficient travel and tourism professionals.In India, the travel and tourism sector is expanding at an accelerated speed. Due to the country's rich cultural, regional, and ethnic diversity, it attracts travelers from across the globe. The country boasts of the majestic Himalayas in the North, sun-kissed beaches and luminous waters in the south. With the vibrant cultural capitals of the westbound region and the rich bio-diversity of the east, India remains

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Top 100 inspirational hard work quotes for doing well in life

You know the prevailing scenario! We all fall under the highly competitive era. With the rapidly advancing world, our times runs at a speedy pace! Anything kicking the #1 trending list, brand-new ideas, achievements quickly becomes outdated. Whether you're a working professional, entreprenuer, a student you're expected to do exceptional in your field. To cope up this rush and pressure, we all need a bit of emotional support, moral boost and motivation from our friends, mentors, or, loved ones. We mostly seek for support and inspiration when we're on the process of accomplishing something great in our life. Be it

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List of Top 15 CBSE Schools in Siliguri (2019 Updated)

Siliguri is one of the rapidly advancing cities in West Bengal. It earns importance as the largest city in North Bengal and the second largest in the entire Northeast after Guwahati. It is the only Gateway to the Northeastern region including Bhutan and Bangladesh. Enroute to the international terminal Indo-China Border at Nathula, Siliguri is the exclusive transit base to enter the Hill Stations in Darjeeling region since the Colonial era. Today, the city gains prominence as the prime region for political ventures and cultural fests. The city embraces a diverse culture due to its proximity to Sikkim & Darjeeling

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Top 20 BCA Colleges in India (2019 Updated)

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. The rise of the internet & technology has infiltrated almost every business platform. Big organizations have adapted the modernized business approach. They are focusing more on advanced R & D to thrive in the modern business domain. Thus, there is a huge demand for top-notch IT professionals for a diverse range of industries. The rise of high-quality systematic organizations across the country has contributed to innovation, educational excellence, and the nation's growth in diverse areas. Therefore, training and education in the industry relevant programs like BCA Course can produce great career opportunities. Students

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5 Killer Quora Answers on Choosing Career In Computer Application

Have you been afraid of inevitable while making a career choice? Well, we all encounter the dilemma of making the right decision in our lives. Especially as a student, we're pressurized to score well. Excel in extra-curricular activities and be well mannered in every regard. And, of course, decide the best career by the time we reach the higher secondary level! Only a few among the majority might remain certain about the future career prospects. (depending on their personal interest or, due to the expectation of their mentors, or provided career counseling ). But what about the rest? Thanks, to

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