Importance of good handwriting in Board Exams

They say a readable, neat, and good handwriting reflects your personality. Handwriting is not just about randomly scribbling down what you know, it is but an art. Your handwriting reflects the relationship between your brain and the things you write, which in return provides a vivid understanding of what write to your reader. Perhaps, this very notion led to the creation of cursive writing. And, we as kids practiced it meticulously in order to master the same or obtain a compelling handwriting. Handwriting plays a major part in academics and at times a student's personality and academic well being are

Last minute study tips for the board exams

Unfinished Syllabus? Students consider exams as the toughest hurdles in their lives. The exams turn into the worst nightmare for those who neglect the studies throughout the year. If you frequently procrastinate and postpone the preparation and seek for the board exam tips for studying at the end, it gets impossible to cram a year's syllabus with the short-term preparation. With the board exams months being announced, many of you might be probably thinking about strategic last minute study tips for the board exams. So, quickly scroll down for the 10 effective studying tips right before the exams.   1.

Important changes in CBSE Question Pattern 2019 For English

Attention Students! There is something you need to know. There has been some changes made in CBSE Question Pattern 2019. The CBSE board has initiated some important changes in the question pattern. According to official sources, it has come to our knowledge that the changes have been introduced in CBSE Question Pattern 2019 For English. If you're preparing for your boards and if your CBSE Question Pattern 2019 resembles with that of the previous years, then you should introduce the change in your learning pattern too. The unexpected change in the question pattern for the English means that you will

Top common mistakes students make in a Board Exam

Dear learners, most of us are afraid of exams. It's certain that examinations produce anxiety and stress. Yet, exams are the crucial part of your learning process. Thus, you should keep calm and always remember that exams are not threats and there is nothing to be nervous about. Most of the students perceive exams as hazards. Hardly a handful of learners acknowledge the truth that examinations are the typical methods of intellectual sustainability or enrichment. Exams improve one's knowledge and skills in a radical way. Every learner has to go through certain tests and examinations. And every student is instructed

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BCA Course Admission, Eligibility, Fees & Syllabus – Full Details

Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) is a professional undergraduate degree program for the learners who seek to build a successful career in Information Technology (IT). The BCA course or program is devised for strengthening the skills and improving the mindset of the learners towards computer applications or computers by rendering them the in-depth and comprehensive knowledge about the subject. The rise and advancement of technologies, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), has induced the rapid growth of IT sectors worldwide, particularly in countries like India, China, etc. Due to this progression, the demand for IT professionals is rising day by day.