Top Trendy Career Options Today

Top Trendy Career Options Today -Times change so does lifestyles. It also changes the ways of earning a livelihood. Once upon a time doctors, engineers, barristers of law and civil services were the careers sought after by the brightest and the best. Although some of these professions are still highly regarded, talented youngsters now have several interesting and innovative career options to choose from. Some of these are listed below. Content Creation & Management: This is one of the most prospective careers for creative young people today. We all know that this is the age of communication and every successful

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Best colleges For Sports Management in India

Despite an upsurge in expenses and foreign investments, the sports industry is bringing about a wide range of career opportunities in India. Depending on one’s bent, the sports industry renders a vast career scope, be it in managing properties, co-ordinating sports events, managing athletes, marketing events, curating venues, creating wealth and developing business in the field of sports, etc. Based on the sector that one seeks to join in, one can acquire a variety of skills for the sports industry through a degree in the same. A diverse range of domains like administration, marketing, business, managing media, public relation, coaching,

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Career Scope in Sports Management After 12th

When India hosted the cricket world cup for the first time in 1887, the total amount spent on sponsoring the event was reportedly Rs 10 crores. Today, 22 years later a top sportsman in India earns double the amount annually on endoresment deals. International cricket tournaments imvolve multiple crores of rupees while in the Indian Premier League, players who are yet to represent the country earn a few crores every year. One can imagine the amount earned by top international stars. This just illustrates how sports in India has graduated from being government sponsored events to a multi-billion industry. Today

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Bartending- An Emerging Career with Great Potential.

Indian society has opened considerably from its conservative moorings during the last three decades. Dining out with family and friends has becoming increasingly popular, so also the pub culture. As the hospitality sector keeps on growing at frantic speed, so has the demand for a number of new vocations such as the job of a bartender. Indeed, bartending is an interesting and non-conventional career in the food and beverage department of the hotel and hospitality industry. It brings in rare, fun-filled experiences as bars are places always bustling with activity. A good bartender must be smart, witty, prompt and overall

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How To Become An Interior Designer?

How to become an Interior Designer? If a career in interior design is the last thing on your mind, then this blog is for you. In this rapidly thriving and competitive industry, the demand for proficient experts is accelerating. So, the obvious concern for an aspirant is, what kind of degree/education is required to become an interior designer? The prompt answer is – relevant knowledge, industry skill and creativity. Therefore, to start as a professional in the interior design industry, you should learn everything the industry demands and considers to be the prerequisite. Based on your career goals, you can

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