Top Four Alternatives to a Degree

Top Four Alternatives to a Degree: B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) is one of the most popular post-secondary education options for any commerce student. It is one of the oldest degree programmes in the field of commerce, and it also serves as a foundation for a variety of careers, including Chartered Accountant and other C-suite level management and financial positions. For the longest time, B.Com has been taught as both an honours and a general degree. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Bachelors of Commerce, or B.Com, is a three-year programme that teaches students all they need to know about business. After

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Top 10 BBA Colleges In West Bengal

Top 10 BBA Colleges In West Bengal: BBA Bachelor of Business Administration has become one of the most opted courses in today’s day and age. Because of the many employment prospects it presents, BBA is one of the most popular undergraduate programmes in India after class 12th. Students who earn a BBA can easily find work in firms and start the workforce early. This also enables many business professionals to pursue an MBA (Master of Business Administration) while working. A bachelor's degree in business administration teaches students about business administration at the undergraduate level. This three-year programme instils entrepreneurial and

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Top Commerce Colleges in Siliguri

In India, commerce is a very popular stream among students. According to the All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE), 40.3 lakh students enrolled in commerce in 2019, putting it in third place. Commerce was only a few lakhs behind Science, which placed second with 47.13 lakh pupils, and Arts, which ranked first with 93.49 lakh. Commerce is concerned with the study of finance, trade, and business, as well as the study of the relationship between a producer and a client, and thus the exchange of goods and services between them. It is a relatively large stream with numerous money-making

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BBA or B.COM Which is a Better Option After Class 12? Get the Answer from Our Expert

Class 12th is unquestionably the doorway to your future. Whatever degree you pick after 12th is the major turning point in your life. Among the sea of subjects to study and a number of degrees to get your name on, some commerce students get unsure when it comes to picking their undergraduate degree. From the line of undergraduate degrees two of them in recent years have come up as a pair which often becomes the topic of confusion for students - BBA & B.Com. BBA and B.Com are in many aspects similar all the while being different. Both the degrees

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Top 10 Most Asked Interview Questions for BCA Students – With Answers!

One of the most critical steps in a person's life after graduation is their introduction into the workforce. Most people nowadays prefer to work rather than further their education. The flexibility of today's employment and school systems has led to this decision. There are numerous distance and online education choices accessible, allowing students to study while working part-time. But, before anything else, an internship or a first job, there is a major hurdle to overcome in order to enter the workforce: the interview. Although interviews are not new, there have been significant changes in how they are performed and what

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