What is the Difference Between Filmmaking and Cinematography?

Filmmaking is an art, whereas Cinematography is a technique. In the entertainment industry, both the art and technique are collectively executed for obtaining the desired outcome in a film or a movie. So, it's reasonable to say that filmmaking and cinematography is a process that ideally unfolds the overall expression of the narrative in the silver screen. Behind a successful film, there is always a group of crew, striving to accomplish the envisioned result. Along with the crew, the major element concerned in a good film includes the method of its conception and the overall strategy. Thus, here is exactly

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Why Career Counseling Is Important For School Students?

Why Career Counseling Is Important For School Students? - One fine day, as a little lad, Thomas Alva Edison arrived home from school and gave a folded note to his mother. As he handed over the folded note he said, “Mom, my teacher gave this letter to me and said, only you’re to read it. What does it say?” His mother’s eyes flooded with tears as she read out the note out loud to her curiously oblivious son. “Your son is a genius. This school is too small for him and it doesn’t have good sufficient teachers to instruct him.

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An Insightful Session With The Multifaceted Personality- Mr. Pratik Garg

The third day of Inspiria Orientation Week was indeed a very efficient session with Mr. Pratik Garg as the speaker for the day, the day started with the introduction of the speaker who’s a very eminent personality, he was able to impact the minds of the new students with witty stories and references from his own life. Mr. Garg is the CEO at Tulsa Group which is a real estate firm, apart from that he’s the Regional Director at Business Networking International, for those who don’t know what BNI is, it’s the world’s largest referral marketing organisation and it was

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Inspiria Orientation Week 2019 – Farsighted and Captivating Session With Industry Catalyst & Visionary

29th July 2019 marked the first day of Inspiria Orientation Week for the new batch of students. The orientation week is one of the most important events in the beginning of every new session where the new students are given the opportunity to interact with the best of the leaders, achievers and believers from around the nation. For an institution that runs by the motto of making its students, ‘employable’ it is only advantageous to introduce them to the world that awaits them before introducing them to their curriculum. Gracing the first day with his presence was Mr. Dilip Jayaram

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How To Become A Hotel Manager? Get Your Answer From Expert

Well, there are a good number of reasons that contribute to the success of the hotel industry. Be it the popularity of the destination where the hotel is located, the variety of services and amenities rendered, the pricing or be it the courtesy of the staffs! Despite these factors, we cannot overlook the importance of good and effective management. The role of a hotel manager impacts the success and accomplishment of a hotel. Thus, a manager should be educated, skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced enough to undertake the responsibility. So, what does a hotel manager do? The success of a hotel

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