Inspiria Design Exhibition

The Inspiria Design Exhibition is a vibrant hub for the design community, showcasing students’ diverse works and offering an Art Gallery for North Bengal artists and designers.


Multimedia, Animation, and
Graphic Design

Experience the interactive exhibition by Multimedia, Animation, and Graphic Design students.

Explore a range of artworks, from comics to digital illustrations and animations, and catch the live 3D printing demo.

Fashion Design

The Fashion Design and Management Department offers immersive textile printing experiences, showcasing block and screen printing techniques alongside digital prints.


Interior Design

Interior design students showcase sustainability with a forest-themed space. Handmade tiles add charm, while recycled materials reduce waste.


Theme: Amalgamation of Imagination

The ‘Amalgamation of Imagination’ theme inspires students to create original artworks, 
exploring how imagination becomes tangible.

Inspiria Art Gallery

The Inspiria Art Gallery’s inauguration promotes regional art, providing a platform for artists
 and designers with exhibitions, workshops, and appreciation sessions.

The Mockafe Project

The Mockafe project creates a sustainable retreat with repurposed materials, promoting eco-friendly design.
 Handmade tiles add charm, while recycled materials minimize waste, inspiring eco-friendly practices.

Explore Timeless Crafts

“Explore the Art of Surface Embellishment: Block, Stencil, Screen Printing & Tie and Dye Unveiled!”
at our engaging Design Exhibition

Pre-Exhibition Design Workshops

Cardboard Sculpture Workshop
Sourav Ghosh, Designer & Educator | Saturday | 04 May | 10:00 – 1:00 p.m.
Acrylic Fluid Art Workshop
Sunaina Kasera, Artist & Poet | Monday | 06 May | 10:00 – 1:00 p.m.

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