The Bachelor’s in Hospital management 3 years full-time program was started in Inspiria knowledge campus with the aim to create an environment of learning for the students aspiring to enter the healthcare industry. With excellence as our benchmark, we have only the best resources including extraordinary infrastructure, state of the art teaching methods, engaging extracurricular activities, and constant association with the health industry.

You will be trained in subjects like Public Health, Hospital Quality, Hospital Operations Management, Medical Terminology, Medical Law & Ethics along with others over the course of 3 years. You will also get to learn the skills necessary to work alongside your colleagues viz. Nurses, doctors, technicians, and paramedics while handling the pressure from the patients. Managing the different departments in the hospitals, the strategies needed to tackle the problems that arise while overseeing them and the expertise which is required will be imbibed in you by our well-trained faculties. The lectures will be delivered to you through new and improved methods like google classrooms, crossover teaching, classroom simulation, flipping classrooms, and other various techniques.

Learning should not be just confined to the classroom so we have a long list of external speakers who have graced the college and shared their knowledge in their area of expertise. Along with the subject matter, you will also be assisted in honing your decision-making skills which will help you in your career. Soft skills form an intricate part of your professional life and here at inspiria we recognize and acknowledge its importance which is why we have a dedicated department to cater to it. We have an understanding that a student needs all-round development for lifetime sustainability that’s why industry visits in the form of excursions form a regular part of the course work.

Inspiria will guide you right from the start of your education to the start of your career. We believe in giving you a headstart to a successful career and that’s why we have a dedicated placement cell.

BBA HM has successfully been able to create a synergy between work and play which is necessary for a healthy blooming of mind and body. At Inspiria we encourage you to ‘do what you love’ and that’s why we have given you the opportunity and the resources to fulfill your dream and achieve your career goals while doing what you love.

Our internship partners are the best in the industry in this region. We are associated with organizations like Neotia Getwel, AMRI Hospital, Medica Super Specialty Hospital, Desun Hospital, Anandaloke Multispeciality Hospital, and the list keeps increasing day by day. The first batch of Hospital Management will be graduating in the year 2021 and we are certain that they will be placed with the biggest of brands.