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Inculcating every aspect of fashion design i.e from creating designs to learning how to market and build a brand.

B.Sc. in Fashion Design & Management

Fashion Design is the art of dressmaking and appreciating design principles to begin a creation that can grow on to be unique and collossal within the design world. Fashion design when combined with management, becomes a whole industry package i.e. design, development and marketing. Bsc. in Fashion Design & Management Programme is aesthetic presentation of ideas through designing clothings involving different cultures across the globe. The course also equip students with the intricacies of the fashion industry, the target market as well as its management that draw candidates towards the lucrative and glamorous career in fashion designing.The fashion industry also offers huge scope for the creative individuals with varied roles and specialisations.


  • To introduce students to the elements and principles of fashion designing.
  • To help students learn the techniques and tools required in fashion designing.
  • To expose the students to fashion industry as well as impart managerial knowledge and skills.
  • To help students stay up to date with the latest industry trends as well as create new trends in the process.
  • To encourage students to be cognizant of conscious fashion, that is, to support the cause of sustainable development and environmental morals, values, and ethics.
  • To prepare students to work in the sector as designers, influencers, business managers, and entrepreneurs, among other professions.

Fashion Amenities

Course Fee

Consult our counsellor for complete information regarding our fee structure.


At Inspiria, we believe in rewarding the hard work and excellence achieved by meritorious students in their academic endeavors. We are giving out scholarship for (B.Sc. in Fashion Design & Management)

Score in Class 12 Scholarship
Between 80% to 90%20%
Above 90%30%

Course Module

  • Design Foundation 1 and 2
  • Computer Fundamental
  • Anyone from GE baskets Basket A or D
  • English and Professional Communication
  • Life Skills & Personality Development
  • Yoga/Health &Wellness/ Sports
  • Design Foundation 3 and 4
  • Management Information System
  • Any one from GE baskets Basket B or E
  • Modern Indian Languages and Literature
  • IT Skills
  • Critical Thinking / NSS/Mental Health/Environmental Studies
  • Fashion Design process
  • Garment production techniques
  • Word and PowerPoint & Spreadsheet Application with Excel / R programming & Data Analytics
  • Any one from GE baskets Basket C or F
  • AECC 201- The Constitution, Human Rights and Law
  • Understanding Basics of Cyber Security
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Study Of Textiles
  • Women’s Wear Designing Project
  • Basics of Operating System / Database Management System with SQL /PHP Programming & Web Development
  • Graphic Design with Photoshop and Illustrator/ Unix And Shell Programming/ Advanced Excel & Data Analytics
  • Society Culture and Human Behavior
  • History Of Costume
  • Men’s wear designing project
  • Cloud Computing/ Introduction to Computer Network
  • E-commerce and Application
  • Internship
  • Kid’s Wear Designing Project
  • Fashion Styling & Photography
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Web Development with HTML and CSS/ Data Mining & Data Warehousing
  • Internet and Network / ERP
  • Fashion Retail & Visual Merchandising
  • Costume Designing Project
  • Integrated Portfolio Development Project
  • Software Project Management / Introduction to Cyber Security and Cyber Laws/ Machine Learning with Python
  • Digital Marketing / Data Analysis and Interpretation/ Data Analysis & Reporting using SAS
  • Sustainability In Fashion
  • Research Methodology
  • Industry Guided Project/Internship
  • Capstone/ Research project

Top Placement

Salini Gupta

Times Now (Noida)

Trainee Reporter


Rhittick Das

Ad Factors (Delhi)

Associate Account Executive (PR)


Shoubhik Subham Ray (Mumbai)

Sr. Content Creator & Editor


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