When “Youth” painted the city Orange! | #InspiriaYouthRun 2019

Inspiria Knowledge Campus hosted the second edition of Inspiria Youth Run on 24th February 2019. It was a chilly Sunday Morning. The empty roads and the quiet ambience was the obvious proof that the city craved more of the Sunday morning slumber. However, it was otherwise at Inspiria Knowledge Campus. From the dawn of 5.00 AM onwards, the campus brimmed with the volunteers and the enthusiastic participants for the marathon. It’s an unquestionable truth that the running is universally popular sports activities that can be participated by everyone in spite of one’s age and physical dimensions, be it height or weight. Running, in fact, is the only sport to be highly recommended by the doctors no matter what ailment you are suffering from & how old you are!

So, what’s the purpose behind the Inspiria Youth Run? Inspiria Youth Run was a vision to provide high-quality education for all. It was formed with a mission to raise funds for educating the underprivileged children in society and to make the youths of the country free from the slavery of illiteracy and ignorance. Mr. Atul Gupta (Managing Trustee, Inspiria Knowledge Campus) himself actively participated in the run. The marathon further strives to instill the sportsmanship and to lead a healthy lifestyle among the citizens.

Inspiria Youth Run 2019 received an excellent response from a huge number of participants who came forth for the run, supporting the cause. The only one of it’s kind of Marathon to be held in the entire North-eastern region, having participants from Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal, from various regions of Hills and Plains including those from the border town Jaigaon.

The Marathon was divided into 2 categories- 5KM and 10KM. The participants from the registered category had to cover the trails that combined Himachal Vihar, City Centre Mall area, and Uttarayan. There were volunteers appointed at multiple spots along the racing track to guide the runners with the direction of the route.

The “Guest of Honor” for the Inspiria Youth Run 2019 was the famous and legendary personality, Mr. Murlidhar, X BSF Commando, trainer for Olympics 2020 in New Delhi. He is the first Indian to win a Bronze medal in “World Marathon Run” 1988. He has won 20 Gold Medals,11 Silver, and 7 Bronze medal in “Marathon Run”. Overall, he has won 40 Medals in both the National and Global category. The marathon began with the “Flag Off” ceremony by Mr. Murlidhar.

The 10KM Run was scheduled at 7:00 AM and the 5KM Race at 7:15 AM respectively. Each participant was given a bright orange T-Shirt with a printed insignia of “Inspiria Youth Run 2019” in black and bold. Each participant was also given a unique BIB number for the marathon. The race was quite a beautiful sight to behold. The runners traversing the marathon trails splashed the city with the hues of orange underneath the mild golden morning sunlight.

The event was a huge success because “Inspiria Youth Run 2019” received support from those that preferred a change in the society through education. The event ended with the prize distribution ceremony where each participant was awarded a certificate of participation and a finisher medal as an acknowledgment. The winners for both 10KM and 5KM was awarded the Winner trophies, a certificate, a finisher medal, and a free 1 Year Gym Membership from Gold Gym India.

Inspiria Knowledge Campus continues to help and support the change through education and hence looks forward to meeting you again next year.

Watch the Run in Action!