Designing Space and Aesthetics

Meticulous instruction on the fundamentals of interior designing including hands-on learning through industrial experience

B.Sc. in Interior Designing

Welcome to the creative and artistic world of interior designing!
Interior designing is art, science and commerce altogether. Everyone realizes that like all vocations, interior designing is a specialized area served by trained professionals. From ordinary apartments to expensive villas or corporate offices to deluxe star hotels- interior designers are in great demand. Indeed a successful interior designer can earn millions from lucrative designing contracts.
BSc in Interior Designing is a 3 year undergraduate course. The course will channel the creative energies of the students with the support of technical understanding into a quantifiable output. With real estate on boom, it is a course that will not only give the society an aesthetic makeover but also provide a solid, sustainable and profitable opportunity to many.


  • To encourage studuents to pursue careers as interior design educators, directors of interior design research, and/or practitioners of interior design.
  • To contribute knowledge pertaining to interior design and the built environment.
  • To establish a graduate program that achieves national and international visibility.
  • Emphasize design for the sustainability of society, the environment, and human well-being.
  • Challenge students to think beyond their current mindset and foster innovation.

Course Fee

Fee per Semester Rs. 45,000. Total Semester Fee = 6 x 45,000 = Rs.2,70,000

Fees DetailsAmount
Admission Fees₹ 42,000
Activity Fees₹ 2,100
Interest free Security Deposit (Refundable)₹ 10,000
Total₹ 54,100
Fees payable at the time of Admission
(Which includes first semester fees)
₹ 99,100
Total Course Fees for 3 Yrs₹ 3,14,100

Course Module

  • Communication Skills & Personality.
  • Development Workshop.
  • Design Fundamentals.
  • Graphics & Basic Drawings.
  • Interior & Construction Technology I.
  • Building Materials.
  • Freehand & Measured Drawing.
  • Design Studio I.
  • Principles of Architecture – History,
    Theories, Terminology, etc.
  • Furniture Design and Furnishings
  • Interior & Construction Technology II
  • Residential Space Planning I
  • Behavioral Science
  • Environment
  • Ecology
  • Design Studio II.”
  • Working Drawings and Presentation Techniques
  • Line Sketches and Familiarization of Students with CAD
  • Interior & Construction Technology III
  • Colour in Interior Design
  • Lighting in Interior Design
  • Introduction of Vastu and Feng Shui
  • Residential Space Planning II
  • Designing according to the user’s lifestyle
    and requirements
  • Design Studio III
  • Commercial Space Design I
  • GROUP PROJECT: Presentation of a Case
  • Study of Live Project
  • Estimation and Costing
  • Computer – InDesign, Photoshop, Corel
  • Interior & Construction Technology.
  • Design Studio IV
  • End of Semester Submission: TEAM
  • Commercial Space Design II
  • Ethics and Environmental Studies
  • Green and Energy Efficient Buildings
  • Interior Design for Special Needs
  • Landscape and Gardening
  • Computer – 3D Max Pr 50 4
  • Design Studio V
  • End of Semester: SEMINAR – topic as deemed suitable.
  • Using Discarded Materials for Interior
    Design and Furniture
  • Restoration and Renovation of Building
  • Entrepreneurship Management
  • Low cost interior designs & Space Saving
  • Design Studio VI
    Professional Practices.
  • End of Semester Submission:

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