International Country Music Day, 2014

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Country Music is a genre of American Popular music that originated in Southern United States, in Atlanta, Georgia in the 1920’s. It takes roots from the southern eastern genre of American folk music and Western music. The term country music gained popularity in the 1940’s in preference to the earlier term “HillBilly Music”.

The term country music today is used to describe many styles and sub genres. Country Music Day was established in the 1950’s and is held each year on September 17th. It is a known fact that country music is a universal language and this is the reason why International Country Music Day is celebrated all over the world.

Line Dancing is a popular event during International Country Music Day and competitions are often held to determine the best dancers. This is a vibrant event that is enjoyed by the people of all ages. In order to enjoy the fun of International Country Music Day it is important to be a part of it.

A man playing a banjo in a rustic rural scene. Abandoned general store in distance. Horizontal colour image. White male. Early 40s. Prairie setting.

The dress code on the day comprises of a pair of denims, cowboy hat and cowboy boots along with gingham shirt. This completes the look of the person on the day.

Country Music has been subjected to criticism on the grounds that each song has the same melody and the same themes. The United States has six US Cable Television networks which are partly devoted to the genre. The first American country music video cable channel was ‘The Nashville Network’ launched in the early 1980’s.

Country Music has made a major impact to the music scenario in the world to quite an extent.

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