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Board Results NOT Equal to Career!

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90% in boards does not make you successful in your career, it's your determination and focus. Students getting below 90% does not define your life and career. Research studies have proven its the average students who are more dynamic and all-rounder. So, do not get demotivated if you have not scored up to your expectation. Expectations always hurt and hold you back. So, instead of wasting your time over the spilt milk, move on and look for the solution to make your percentage at par with the 90 percenters. We quote - “look for the solution to make your percentage

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CBSE RESULTS 2015 –Anytime Now!

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Last week the ISC results were declared. And any time today, the CBSE results will be out. All CBSE students will be having their hearts in their mouths now…every minute will seem like an hour! It could be any moment now….the wait seems to full of palpable excitement. However at the end of the day all the tension and nervousness would have ended. There will be those, the toppers with their 90 plus percentages….what moments of glory! Indeed, this is the time they had been waiting for along! Is not success sweet? Then there will be others who have fared

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