Board Results NOT Equal to Career!

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90% in boards does not make you successful in your career, it’s your determination and focus.

Students getting below 90% does not define your life and career. Research studies have proven its the average students who are more dynamic and all-rounder. So, do not get demotivated if you have not scored up to your expectation. Expectations always hurt and hold you back. So, instead of wasting your time over the spilt milk, move on and look for the solution to make your percentage at par with the 90 percenters.

We quote – “look for the solution to make your percentage at par with the 90 percenters”. When we quote this we mean it, students. NCC- (A, B, C) certificates hold 5% in central and state universities. Not just this, sports have a separate quota. Even extra-curricular activities like debate, singing, dance, theatre etc. are considered for admission in colleges. So, don’t you think you can make it upto 90% if you consider these angles as well? Life and career are very diverse don’t confine it and waste it. Explore it by focusing on it and achieving it. Also, some remember the eligibility criteria for entrance examination ranges between 50-60 percent. Means scoring below 90 percent is not determining you are not capable. It means you need to put in some more effort.

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Board result is just the prelim round of examination in determining your career. Mind you, students, it does not determine your set career. You know why? I have come across people who score 90’s, crack IIT’s and change their career as News Anchor, etc. – because it gives them satisfaction in their lives. So, students do what you love and follow your heart and happiness. Success follows if you are passionate and love the thing you do.

Also, we at Inspiria Knowledge Campus feel the need to appreciate not only the one who have scored above 95% but those who have scored above 70%. On 2nd of June 2017, we will felicitate the students from the CBSE board who have passed out their 12th grade. It will be our privilege to be a part of your success, we will be felicitating you with a memento and a career toolkit to help you make the right decision.

For any assistance or help regarding counselling please feel free to contact us anytime at +91-8900755550. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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