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Feel The Good Times in Hospitality Sector | Career & Growth

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The hospitality Industry offers a wide range of thrilling career options Have you ever wondered why guest relation executives in posh hotels or cabin crew attendants inside a plane look so smart. Their body language seems just about perfect, their smiles measured and their bearings dignified. You hardly find them groping for the right word when they speak and their conversation displays true class. They never, indeed never ask you to “get out of the plane” when you arrive at your destination, nor do they ask you to “sit down and tie on your safety belts!” Rather they ask you

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Gopanshu Anand – Restauranter Personified

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A foodie by nature Gopanshu Anand is a first-year student of the Department of Hospitality Management. It was his punishments that led him to cook for himself. His habit of waking late left him with no breakfast which led him to try his hands in the kitchen. This routine created an interest in him towards cooking, he loves to experiment in the kitchen which helps him come up with new combinations and flavours. His love for cooking and food is an added advantage to the family business, a pure vegetarian restaurant named ‘Triptiz’. The restaurant aims at giving tasty and

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Pooja Gurung – The Valiant

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The young and smart Pooja Gurung of the Hospitality Department is our next feature for ‘Rising Star’. A karate black belt who has won two bronze medals in the national level (shitorio) is a very open hearted person. An ex-student of APS, Bengdubi, she has represented her school in various basketball competitions. Even though a sports person she also loves singing and performing on stage. To be a drummer in a music band is one of her dreams because she feels that the drummer is the highlight of a band. Since there are less number of girls in this field

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CHOCOLATES! – Made at Inspiria

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It was the aroma of chocolates that greeted the Insipirian on Monday morning, The Hospitality Department was a bustle of activity. The students were excited to make homemade chocolates. For all the diet conscious people it was a sinful treat. Five variety of chocolates were made- Plain Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Orange Marmalade Chocolate, Wine Chocolate and Chocolate Ganache. Miss. Spiti Sarkar a lawyer cum chef from Delhi, the owner of the bakery named 'Concoct' conducted the workshop for the hospitality department. Her focus is to deliver the finest quality product using unadulterated ingredients. The students got first hand

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Dolly Thapa – Chef Patisseaur

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Dolly Thapa, a person who truly believes in 'Do what you love'. Dolly's parents wanted her to become a doctor but fate did not let her, so she pursued genetics for her graduation. She had no interested in the medical field, her passion was somewhere else. She always loved to eat good, tasty food specially confectioneries. Her home town Siliguri did not have places which served good or variety confectioneries. So in the back of her mind she always wanted to do something with food. But was never supported from home, so she continued her studies, took her MBA and

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