5 Major Highlights of Fare-O-Lasta 2018

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The inaugural farewell ceremony of Inspiria Knowledge Campus, “Fare–O–Lasta” was held with great fun and enjoyment in the campus premises. The event began with a fun-filled motivating song by the Principal to which the crowd joined in and sang along. It was then followed by a set of farewell speeches from the Management, followed by the coordinators of each department where they motivated the students for a brighter journey ahead.

Graduation Forest

A unique concept of immortalizing memories was conducted by the inculcation of Graduation Forest, in memory of the outgoing batch as a symbol of remembrance. Before the show began, the students were guided by Mrs. Sherry George in the garden to plant a sapling which marked the beginning of a tradition.

Lit up selfie zone

A beautifully decorated selfie zone was created and lit up where the students could capture their three-year-long journey along with their images put up in the area. It surely brought back some old cherished memories which was very fondly acknowledged by the students with utmost enthusiasm.

Sky lantern

In the evening the sky was also filled with crackers and elegantly lighted up with numerous sky lanterns dispersed from the campus creating an ecstatic view of the sky, adding warmth to an entertaining evening as the college looked forward to future endeavors.

Sashing each Inspirian

The final years were then felicitated with sashes of distinctive titles in between the performances of the juniors. Every student was styled with a sash according to the distinct and unique characteristics that they imbibed or inculcated over the years. The concept was thoroughly enjoyed as students flaunted their sashes as per their skills.

Video messgae by Inspiria family

The show seemed endless until the final ballroom dance performance which was followed by a video message which included a motivational farewell speech from the entire team of Inspiria, including the best wishes of Mr. Atul Gupta, Managing Trustee of Inspiria.

The inaugural edition of the College Magazine, “Inspire” was also launched acknowledging the literary contributions of the members of Inspiria family. Solo singing and dancing performances followed by rap music and western dances added further catalyst to the entertaining sessions of the event after which some final year students also shared their experiences in their farewell speech and expressed their gratitude towards the institution.

Styled in the best of their attires, the outgoing students were filled with utmost enthusiasm and emotions. They had a grand entry on the red carpet followed by loud shouts and cheers from their juniors. Students among the four departments from the outgoing batch were also felicitated for their extraordinary contribution across diverse academic and extracurricular activities. The event included various enthralling and jaw-dropping performances, the efforts of which were appreciated with rounds of applause. The event then witnessed some astounding musical and on-stage performances, which also included ballroom dance and comic drama on college life from the first and second-year students thus, bringing an end to a fun and frolic evening.

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