Curtains for the mother of Social Networking-Orkut !

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One of the oldest known social networking sites, Orkut, is shutting down on September 30th, 2014. Google has announced its plans to shut down Orkut which was its first attempt at building a social network.

Orkut has been around for about a decade and to keep its legacy intact, Google will preserve all of the sites public communities in an archive. It is a great step on the part of Google but users can choose to opt-out by decoupling Orkut from their Google account.

The news of Orkut being shut down permanently has shaken the dedicated users of the social networking website. All of a sudden people have started to feel protective about the site. It has made them realize that a part of their online life will no more be there with them. Orkut was like a mother of social networking to most of the people who started using it when it was launched.

Orkut was launched in the same year as that of Facebook which has gone on to become the biggest social network with 1.28 billion users. Over the past decade other social networking platforms have overtaken Orkut in growth which has forced the parent body, Google to come to this sad conclusion.

People who do not wish to be included in the community archive of the social networking site when it shuts down they can remove their profile permanently from their Google account.

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