Digital Distraction vs Productive Creation – How to find a balance between the online and offline worlds?

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One day, I was having a conversation with a business tycoon who of a close acquaintance. I always admired his energy level, his never giving-up attitude towards any challenge, the work ethics and the amazing positive vibes which he always sustained. So, I decided to ask him about the secret of his such immense positive energy. Curious I was, so I promptly put on my question so that I can gain a fair share of his secrets and tricks to profound success. On hearing questions, he smiled and with a little pause, he said only three magical words – “Don’t waste it”. He went on adding further, “we all are gifted with that level of energy, we all are very unique, every day we all are gifted with full energy bandwidth called cognitive bandwidth but we waste it.” I nodded in approval thinking that how true his every word is.

The information age which we are living in has blessed us with all the technological advancement. But the sad part is; we are not saving ourselves from its byproducts like -” Digital Distraction”. Digital distraction is causing the death of our productive creation, it’s affecting the valuable gift of mankind called a healthy relationship. Deep-down inside, most of us are heartbroken because we have betrayed the vision, ambition, values, and mission in the heart. We have betrayed our talent, we have forgotten to spend time with ourselves, we have forgotten to find out the potential within. The French mathematician Blaise Pascal said – “most people, their misery is derived by their inability to sit quietly in a room by themselves”.

We are being distracted by the white screens to avoid our pain within and this pain is because of the unexpressed potential which we have and started medicating ourselves in front of the white screens.
But the reality is this is not a medication but an addiction and an escape from what is. The research said- A person is checking the white screen, be it the TV or mobile or any other e-gadgets, for average 300 to 400 times in a day which is taking his/her 2.1 hrs of time. We are always busy being busy which is affecting our four important interiors of greatness called- health set, heartset, mindset, and soul set. Most of us, are unbelievably non-existent to the world.

Digital distraction is greatly affecting our transient hypofrontality which is the neuroscience of being monomaniacally focused. Medication through technology is nothing but the flight from the pain deep within our subconscious. And why we need the medication of distraction? it’s because we don’t want to feel the pain, we have forgotten to feel the bad emotions which are obvious like good emotions.

A few small changes towards the habits of being distracted can save our productivity, our beautiful relationship. It can save our heartset, health set, mindset, and soul set. By not being distracted from technology, we can be the source of monomaniacal focus which can lead us to our prolific creation. The best gift which we can give to our nearest and dearest one is the no technology or no phone conversation with them at least for 10 to 15 minutes every day and this will save many beautiful relationships in our life which are much more precious than the virtual reality of the digital world.

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