Work like A Dog Day, 2014

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Work like a Dog Day, August 5th, honors and recognizes the hardest working people among us. On this day employers acknowledge and show their appreciation for all those employees who carry the work load. The people who work like a dog tend to display their inner perseverance and hard work – the characteristics often demonstrated by canines.

Although the English language can be confusing. For instance, two common idioms are used in our everyday lives: “It’s a dog’s life” and “Work like a dog.”

“It’s a dog’s life” is being able to laze around and sleep all day, having no worries or issues at all. “Work like a dog,” on the other hand, suggests just the opposite. It means working to your maximum ability for an extended length of time. It is interesting to see both the two contradictory phrases being appropriate simultaneously.

There is huge difference between workaholics & people who work like dogs. Workaholics are those individuals who are addicted to their work. They may always be working but that does not necessarily mean they are working hard.

People who work like dogs are very different. They do not work non-stop; they work in a much more focused manner – preferring task and project oriented work. These people may dig in relentlessly and seldom take a break until they have completed their work.

This day can be celebrated by either working very hard, or just by lazing around.

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