Fresh Breath Day, 2014

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Fresh Breath Day has been created on 6th August to appreciate and health care the importance of it. Bad breath has always been one of the most personal problems in people’s lives.

The agenda of the day is to make people confident about their breath and achieve, maintain the Golden Fresh Breath Smile.

It needs to be kept in mind that no one likes to have a conversation with a person with bad breath. Fresh breath can be got with brushing twice a day and using a mouth wash but it also needs to be kept in mind that chewing gum and mints having sugar in them leads to adverse effects.

One needs to avoid alcohol and stay hydrated well along with changing the toothbrush every three months. It is a fight of every individual personally which has to be undertaken personally which has to be undertaken with complete conviction to achieve the goal and become the center of attraction among the group of people.

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