Bakery and Confectionery Workshop at Inspiria

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Candidates came in with lively energy. With an exciting menu set up for them, we had a ‘Do It Yourself’ theme going. After a general run through of Inspiria Knowledge Campus and about the Hospitality course, they were taken into the world of bakery.

Bakery expert with participant

To start with, a short briefing on Baking was given. Then with introductions done, the candidates skimmed through the modern and professional baking equipment and technologies offered at Inspiria Bakery Lab stations.

Finished baked product at workshop

Under the guidance of Chef Anjani Nandan and Bakery expert Dolly Thapa, the participants baked yummy Butter- Vanilla cupcakes right from scratch. They decorated them with vivid strokes of blue and white sweet vanilla frosting using their own creativity.

The next Item on the menu was chilled chocolate mousse. With closely supervised instructions, participants whipped up a tornado of alternating layers of chocolate sauce, chocolate cream and white vanilla frosting. And the result was savoured by all.

Participants at workshop

In under 2 hours, they learnt in details how to bake & frost cupcakes, make chocolate mousse, cast made chocolates and chocolate sauce. All in all a decadently successful event!

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