Baiju Saha – Winner of the Rashtrapati Award for Scouting

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Always a proud student of Kendriya Vidyalaya Gangtok, Baijiu Saha was the school captain, leader of the school scouts and very active in sports as well as all other activities of the college. Out of the many students who appeared for the selection process of the Rashtrapati Award in Scouting, 4 were selected and he was one of them.

Baiju Saha being rewarded by Rashtrapati Award

In the whole of North East, 11 students were selected for the testing camp at Kolkata. This camp was actually a testing camp, they had to live in camp tents, cook their own food, attend the parade at 4.00am and sleep around 1.00 in the night. The ration provided were sometimes not enough or at times the food was burnt and they survived without food. Well, its a proud moment for the North East as out of the 9 hundred students who attended the testing camp all the 11 students who represented the North East were selected.

Baiju is a very simple person who loves to be with his friends.He can be called special as his birthday falls on 15th of August and wishes to be part of the Indian army. A very patriotic person who wants to dedicate his life to his country. His idol is Shifu Shaurya Bhardwaj, worlds one of the best Commando trainer.

Rashtrapati Award for Scouting

It is his love for the army that leads him to be a part of the scouts. He was awarded the Rashtrapati award for scouting on 28th of April 2017.He is proud to be an India and is waiting for that day when he can do something for his country. Inspiria is proud to have a Rashtrapati award winner as part of its family. We wish him the best for pray that he will one day make India proud.

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