CBSE Board Exam 2022: Preparation Tips to Help You Score Higher

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CBSE Board Exam is just a few weeks away. With the official release of CBSE Admit Cards for class 12, it is apparent that it’s time you start wrapping up the preparation and focus on the revision instead. But what if you have still much left to prepare for your CBSE Board exams? Don’t fret! This blog enlists some sure shot last-minute board exam preparation tips for CBSE Board Exam  to help you score better in all the subjects that you’ve picked in your 10+2 level. So, without further ado, lets quickly get started!

1. Focus on one subject at a time

With the frequent reminder of the official publishing of date sheet and admit cards for CBSE Board Exams 2022, it’s obvious even for the brightest student to get a little nervous or worried. As a result, most of us lose our calm and succumb to stress. The majority of us end up accumulating all the subject materials on the study table to ensure that not a single topic is skipped. However, with this sudden pressure and rush to do more in less time will create even more constraint and deprives our focus of the context.

Tips – Focus on one subject at a time so that whatever you study becomes worthwhile. Focus is the key to long term- retention and effective learning. Now, you know it. So, Focus!

2. Follow a time-table

Well, the majority these days no longer consider the idea of abiding by a timetable. But, the explicit truth about following a time table is – that it helps you stay organized and contributes tremendously in time management. Abiding by a time table is the best approach to get on the right track more efficiently.

Tips – CBSE date sheet 2022 is already out now. Whether you are following a study time table or not, but now it’s time you get a new one. Track the subjectwise dates for each subject. Based on that and depending on the level of difficulty of the subjects that you have opted in your 10+2 level, draft a time table covering all the subjects. Ensure you save time for regular breaks, self-care, and practice (solving problems, writings, etc).

3. Learn according to the syllabus

Most of us assume that the guide books and the NCERT books are the easiest way to crack the CBSE Board Exam 2022 for class 12. But, hold on! The CBSE council officially has published a notice advising the candidates to follow the CBSE Syllabus for the board exams.

Tips – Before you start with anything, just study the CBSE exam syllabus thoroughly. Understanding the syllabus helps you comprehend the core element of each subject that you will be studying.

4. Practice mock exams with year wise questions

Board exams can be a breakthrough if you ace it with good grades. But how can one get good grades? Hard work and preparation! Despite the level of effort you put-on at each subject, if you are unaware of the board exam question pattern, then half of your efforts will go futile and result in excess pressure and anxiety.

Tips – The best way to beat the stress and get acquainted with the CBSE Board Exam 2022 question pattern is by solving the previous year’s questions. Also, you will already be facing the mock board exams before actually appearing for one. Great deal? We think so!

5. Read the text-books thoroughly

Unless you paid rapt attention to every bit of the class lessons and have prepared your study notes. Or, if you are lucky enough to have every bit of the resources from your teacher, then, by all means, you should take out enough time to study or read from your school books.

Tips – Well this may sound a bit burdensome to many, but this is one of the effective methods to learn without missing the slightest topic and retain every bit of it for the longer duration. While studying from the books, make sure that your brain is comprehending what you are reading.

6. Adopt effective study approach

Well, experts have stated over a thousand times that effective study methods not just helps you learn faster but it also saves your energy, time and keeps you away from the unnecessary constraint, stress, and anxiety of the board exams.

Tips – Writing down the answers while studying is one of the sure-shot approaches for faster learning. Also, you can study the relevant subjects in consecutive order in a single day. For example – If you are studying physics in the morning, you can go with the maths practice in the afternoon. If you are studying history in the evening, then go for the literature at night-time and so on!

7. Avoid distractions

It’s not your neighbor or the TV, or your siblings! Your mobile phone is the greatest distraction of all! It not just kills your time but also distracts you from your purpose. If you are looking for study resources online but right then your social media notification pops-up on the screen, you will certainly get tempted to click on it. Once you do, you might end up there straight for 3 hours!

Tips – Even if you need to study resources online, make sure you sign out from all your social media accounts. Speaking of the Whatsapp texts on your phone, you cannot sign out but the best thing you can do is mute all the chats during the preparation time. You can always go back to the muted conversations and reply to them once you get free. But just shut them all while you are studying!

8. Choose the ideal time to study

Whether you are a morning person or a night owl, you know it best when you feel most productive and alert. Some of us best learn during the early morning hours whereas, the rest do during the evenings and silent hours of the night.

Tips – Determine in what time of the day you feel most energetic, positive and alert. Accordingly, pick the ideal hour of the day to start your preparation. Studying without any pressure helps in yielding the best results in the CBSE Board Exam 2020.

9. Don’t neglect/ overlook any subject

Despite your own choice of stream, it is less certain for you to like all the subjects. If you are fond of mathematics and biology, but regard history as ancient and boring, you will certainly start losing interest and start neglecting the latter.

Tips – Do not overlook any subject. Whether you like it or not, you must write the exams. Learn to grow curious about the things that you don’t know. Question everything. This way, you’ll start developing an interest in exploring and learning the subjects that you consider un-interesting.

10. Revise each subject/chapter thoroughly

For Grade’s sake, spare some time for the revision alone. Your preparation process for CBSE Board Exam 2022 does not end with studying the subjects alone. Studying is one thing and the revision is the other. Revising each chapter after certain intervals help retain the information for a longer duration.

Tips – Once you finish studying a chapter make to do a thorough revision on the same after 2 days and repeat the process whenever you get time. Lest you might forget whatever you have studied, save some time for touch-ups so that it remains in your brain no matter how tough it seemed before you started studying and comprehending it.

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