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Best reference books for class 12 CBSE, is regarded as a crucial device for the students appearing for the 12th boards. Each year, the Central Board of School Education (CBSE) conducts the All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE) for the class 12 students. Getting through the board is similar to crossing one of the toughest hurdles in life. The exam is important because passing 12th board exams unlocks the door to your aspired professional domain.

Thus, adequate time, hard work, consistency, and best reference books for class 12th are required to obtain good marks. Effective and sincere preparation for your 12th boards not only helps to clear your exam but also helps in qualifying the other tough entrance test too.

For CBSE, it is well witnessed that NCERT books are the best and effective means to obtain excellent grades. But, just sticking with the NCERT books a few days before the exam won’t help you in regards with passing the exam. Before you start the preparation or pick up any textbooks for CBSE class 12, you have to be familiar with the syllabus and the field that you’re good and bad at. Understanding all will help you in effective and strategic preparation.

If you’re appearing for the 12th boards, then gear up your priorities, be watchful of the references books that you utilize. Stick to your drafted time-table and start working towards achieving your goal. To help you prepare and perform best, we have listed the best reference books for class 12th, recommended by the professional and toppers and as per the feedback and reviews that we have gathered online from successful students.

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Best Books For CBSE 12th Physics

The mentioned below best reference books for class 12 CBSE physics. Highly recommended for the JEE and boards, it is well organized. Being simple in their approach, these books reveal everything in simple language right from the scratch.

  • CBSE Chapter-wise Solutions – Physics (Class – 12: Previous Year’s Questions by Singh S
  • CBSE Sample Question Papers – Physics by Panel Of Experts (excellent for CBSE Class 12 sample papers for practice)
  • CBSE Chapter-wise Solutions – Physics (Class 12) by S. K. Singh
  • New Simplified Physics: A Reference Book for Class – 12 (Set of 2 Volumes) by Dhanpat Rai
  • Concepts of Physics (Volume-1 and Volume-2) by H C Verma

Best Books For CBSE 12th Chemistry

Obtaining great grades in chemistry might seem hard, but it’s neither impossible. Below is the best reference books for class 12 CBSE which is deemed to get to excellent grades in Chemistry. The book contains well-explained chapters wherein all your doubts and delusions will get explained.

  • CBSE Chapterwise Solutions – Chemistry (Class 12): A Collection of Fully Solved Questions asked- Examination by Purnima Sharma
  • CBSE Chapter-wise Questions-Answers: Chemistry Previous Year’ Questions by Sharma P
  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry 5th Edition (Paperback) by J. D. Lee
  • Modern’s ABC of Chemistry Class – 12 (Part 1 & 2) (With CD) by S. P. Jauhar
  • Chemistry (Class – XII) by NCERT
  • Pradeep’s New Course Chemistry Class-XII (Set Of 2 Volumes) by Pradeep Publications

Best Books For CBSE 12th Maths

Calculus is one of the subjects where you can achieve 100%. But, scoring good grades is not as easy as you think. You need to work hard on every each step and be careful in the problem-solving procedure to get the right answer. CBSE class 12 best books for mathematics, recommended by the toppers are listed below. Practicing and studying these books will help you get a clear insight on the subject.

  • Mathematics (Class – XII) by NCERT
  • CBSE Examination Mathematics: 15 Sample Question Papers (Class 12) by Prem Kumar
  • CBSE Chapter-wise Solutions – Mathematics (Class 12) by Hemant Malhotra
  • Problems Plus In IIT Mathematics by A Das Gupta
  • Solutions of Objective Mathematics: Solutions of Exercises and Chapter Tests by Dhanpat Rai
  • Senior Secondary School Math 12 by R. S. Aggarwal

Best Books For CBSE 12th Biology

Fascinating as it sounds, it is one of the important subjects for the ones who are interested in studying about life- physiology, flora and faunas, and all the living organisms. If you want to score outstanding in the subject that covers all the aspects of the living things, then below is the best textbooks for CBSE class 12 for Biology.

  • Trueman’s Elementary Biology, Vol. I for XI by Bhatia K Nuy
  • Elementary Biology (Volume – 2) by Bhatia K N

Dear students, the strength in obtaining outstanding grades in your 12th boards not only depends on sticking to best reference books for class 12 CBSE but also being completely familiar with your school textbooks as well.

So, keep your dreams and ambitions that you have for yourself ahead of everything, be cautious with the references books you pick and work accordingly with the timetable that you’ve set. Believe in yourself and your dreams and there will be nothing that you cannot achieve. We wish you all the best and success in your boards.

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