Inspiria Delivers Immunity-Boosting Free Foods For Covid Patients In Siliguri

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The speedy rise in the number of covid infections in Siliguri has alarmed the residents. It can be said that the negligence of the majority has provoked this awful crisis in the city.Now, as the country struggles with oxygen shortage amid the skyrocketing infection rates, Siliguri on the other hand is encountering a shortage in vaccine supply.


With the modest chances for improvement in the situation, it’s time we take the necessary precautions to avoid the worse and stay healthy.

Amid the worsening scenario led by this unwelcoming crisis, Inspiria Knowledge Campus has taken a bold move to serve the covid patients fighting the infection.

The non-profitable institution has decided to deliver an immunity-boosting meal to covid infected patients to ensure their speedy recovery from the covid infection.

Nutrition based diet is important for boosting our immune system. Therefore, the meals will solely be based on special nutrients and dietary requirements for the quick recovery from covid-19.

The meals will be prepared at Inspiria’s exclusive Café, which is run and managed by the Department of Hotel and Hospitality Administration of Inspiria Knowledge Campus.

Only pure veg and non-spicy meals will be delivered to the patients.

The meal delivery is scheduled for 5 days a week, starting from Monday 10 AM till Friday 7 PM.

Prioritizing on the social distancing standards and the safety of others, the organization has ensured a safe and contactless meal delivery to the patients admitted to various hospitals in Siliguri.


Key Note:

Consuming a healthy and nutritional diet is crucial for your immunity during the covid-19 pandemic. It’s important to pay attention to your food and drink as it affects the immunity that helps you combat diseases and recover from infections.

If you are wondering what foods to eat for boosting your immunity, experts suggest you include plenty of proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat food, and unprocessed foods in your diet.

Drink plenty of water every day. Physical exercise is important for your immune system. What’s more, is that you should also pay attention to your mental health.
Most importantly, you should avoid eating out during times as such. Take necessary precautions while going out.

Despite taking all possible measures, if you find yourself infected with the covid-19, don’t panic. Remember, your body can easily fight the virus if you take the right foods and do the right exercises.

Medical specialists have confirmed that taking certain foods will boost your immunity and overcome the weakness even if you are infected with the covid-19.

Besides, the recovery process can be quickened for the patients admitted to the hospital if we provide them with immunity-boosting diets and supplements


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