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Inspiria knowledge campus was honored to host Mr. Rajendra S Pawar, Chairman and Co-Founder of NIIT Group and NIIT Limited as part of the Inspiring Leaders Talk on 28th November 2018. Mr. Pawar, a Padma Bhushan awardee as well has not only revolutionized the IT training industry, but is also recognized as a global technology thought leader.

The talk focused on leadership and the key factors that are required to become a leader. He stressed on the need for every individual to be initially a follower and then become a leader. “Leaders were also once Followers”, he said and to become a great leader one has to be a great follower. Mr. Pawar then continued the session by talking about various aspects of leadership which are

Inspiration – Inspiration gets people going, helps them to see the bigger picture.

Aspiration – Helps in direction and what one wants to achieve.

Respiration – The idea of open mindedness and incubation.

Perspiration – Conversion of the idea to its logical conclusion, i.e. the finished product or service.

“Success is not easy to achieve, anything worth achieving takes the greatest effort” he encouraged the students to follow this mantra – Inspiration, Aspiration, Respiration and Perspiration to become a great leader. The talk concluded with the Managament Trustee Mr. Atul Gupta felicitating Mr. Pawar with a memento.

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