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As quoted by Warren Bennis ‘Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality’.

Inspiria knowledge campus was privileged to organise ‘Inspiring leaders talk 2018’ and have among us one of the most prominent leaders, the founder and executive chairman of CYIENT, an infotech enterprise which gained its recognition in 1991 with an aim to provide engineering services to global market, the man who has been a member of NASSCOM executive council since 2003 and also served as a chairman of Confederation of Indian Industry(CII), a prolific business analyst who has recently been awarded with the prestigious Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian honor from the hon’ble president of India for his contribution to trade and industry- Dr. B.V.R Mohan Reddy.

Dr.Mohan has been established as the ‘Engineered in India’ brand, providing design engineering services to global companies including Boeing, Airbus, Pratt and Whitney, Bombardier, Philips, Siemens and Westinghouse. He also serves as a Chairman, Board of Governors of IIT Hyderabad, member on the Board of NIIT University, Neemrana and member of Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at IIT Hyderabad.

On 27th Nov, 2018, a session where the students of Inspiria Knowledge Campus got an insight into the growth and evolution of various industries, leadership and entrepreneurship which was a great opportunity for them.

Dr. Mohan started with the most basic question- ‘What was the first Industrial Revolution?’ and gave us an understanding of assembly line manufacturing production- T assembly line by Henry Ford. He also talked about Moore’s law, founded by Gordon Moore, cofounder of Intel, which states that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles every two years.

In an era where technology has its impact in every part of the world, he made us realise that we youngsters are lucky to be born in this period. This is the age where technology has grown exponentially and youngsters can gather knowledge from within their fingertips. He gave the figure of 5 billion people having access to technology directly or indirectly in the world population on 7 billion. We indeed are blessed to study in such an organization where we get to meet the distinguished leaders and personalities and get to know their stairs of success towards leading the world.

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