Hard work or Talent? Which is more important to succeed in life?

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The world and media would have convinced you to believe otherwise, but “hard work” truly transcends “talent”. When you initially meet or hear about successful personalities, you will obviously think that they must have been born with incredible innate talents. But in reality, there are many instances of great people who have relied on “hard work”. For example, Oprah Winfrey was once suggested that she “wasn’t fit for television”. Legendary basketball player Michael Jordan was dismissed from his high school basketball team but he worked hard to become the greatest sportsperson of all time. These true stories about successful people prove that not every successful person gets quick success and fame. It’s “hard work”, determination, and patience that pays off at the end. Tim Notke rightly asserts its hard work that defeats talent when talent fails to work hard.

We live in a society that is often quick to brand successful person “talented”, “genius”, “gifted”. Our society has an obsession for “achievements”, “success”. That’s why successful people are generally perceived as someone born with natural abilities. They’re looked upon as superior beings. For instance, award-winning actors are glorified as “talented”. It’s similar to successful people excelling in a diverse range of fields. Be it business, music, literature, food industries, tech, etc.

However, a person’s success lies in his will to succeed. It’s not the “talent” that makes a successful ballerina. The flawless ballet performance, all the gracefulness, every movement is the result of constant hard work put in each day over the years. The successful sportsmen, for example, are not simply born as champions. They’re made through consistent hard work, determination, and self-belief. Daydream simply doesn’t make an athlete, it takes hard work, sweat to make an efficient one. It’s the injuries and sacrifices that create a warrior out of ordinary.

Sadly, in current times, the “best” is related to the individuals who seem to have been born with the inherent skill. Our media representing the successful person isn’t interested in hard work. Nor they want to know how much effort and training so-called “talented” people have to put in to reap the fruit of success. We simply tend to believe that talent usually yields excellent results rather than “hard work”. Also, we don’t stop to praise the “hard work” that goes into a remarkable piece of artwork. We don’t truly appreciate the time, effort or, hard work needed to bring out a bestselling novel, a high-performing brand, top rated music, poetry, etc.

Branding someone talented or gifted is not really a reasonable compliment. It can be wrongly interpreted as – the person need not rely on “hard work” to gain success. It indicates insensitivity of how individual improvement and growth really occurs beyond the limelight. Branding someone talented gives them a mind to be lazy, after all, who needs to work hard when one is already talented, right? If a kid, for instance, is constantly told that he is brilliant and talented, might believe that he will easily pass the board exams. The kid might never try to improve the skills required to study hard or, to learn new stuff. He will assume that he’s talented enough to ace any subject and class. Eventually, the college might appear as a real nightmare to him. As he hasn’t learned any study skills in school, he will have to work hard in order to adapt to the comprehensive learning culture.

On the contrary, someone who has been blatantly told that they’re in no way gifted or talented might become discouraged and stop following their dreams. However, if a person truly wants to succeed, then he shouldn’t be discouraged by the rude and negative remarks. Walt Disney, a pioneer for animation was told that he “lacked imagination” and had “no original ideas” and by the publication that fired him. If Walt Disney would have been discouraged by the negativity, the world would never get to meet the famous ‘Mickey Mouse”. Perhaps, the animation industry would never exist or become popular.

It’s true, we all are stronger in some fields than others. But, it’s “hard work” that earns success. So, if you think that you’re in no way gifted or talented, don’t worry! Success solely depends on hard work. All you have to do is to believe in your abilities and keep attempting until the goal is achieved. So, the first steps to attain success is to begin by asking yourself what you want to do the most? What interest you more than anything? Once you’ve found out your bent, work on it to build your strengths in it. Once you gain the skill, ensure for sincere feedbacks from others. Don’t get bothered by the critics. Rather commit yourself to continuous growth and take criticisms as a constructive tool.

Never stop working hard even if the world thinks that you’re ‘not talented’. It doesn’t matter at all. Hard work and personal effort are what matters the most. Once you realize that success lies in hard work instead of talent, you’ll break free from all your inhibitions. You’ll strengthen your self-belief to explore your passion.

If you’re told you don’t show any trace of talent in any special field! If they tell you that you’re not ‘talented’ or, you lack natural skills! never be discouraged. You will attain incredible success if you choose to pursue a path in which you’re genuinely interested in, and work hard to build the skills for the same.

And by any means, if anyone ever dares to brand you as ‘gifted’ or talented’, remind them it’s ‘hard work’ that has always made the difference.

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