What to do after board exams? Cool Things to do After your Board Exams

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You well know that you’ve waited for the board exams to be over as much as you worried about the exam itself! Finally, that heavy burden is off your head. Board exams are over! You certainly are a bit concerned about the results. The following two months can be traumatizing for many. There will be people around you who frequently hurl questions regarding your anticipated grade in board results, what you want to do next, career planning, etc.

Now, you find yourself standing between that fragile line of relaxing and worrying, freedom from study pressure & the fear of the future, your wild aspirations and the expectation of your parents. Undoubtedly, the prolonged break after the board exams implies a great deal in a student’s life. What you decide now will pave paths for your future- your career.

However, life’s too short to be swept away by worries and fears. Acknowledge these two months break after the board exams as the reward for all the sacrifices you made during preparation. You just can’t afford to slip them away by those wave of worries and uncertainties.

While some of you may be well prepared for the prolonged break, some still are clueless. So, if you belong to the latter category, we’ve come up with some amazing alternatives that can enhance your prolonged break. Scroll down to find the one that might excite you.

Do all that you’ve got on your Bucket List

If you’ve got a bucket list, these lengthy hiatus is just the ideal time to get them all accomplished. If you don’t have a bucket list yet, go ahead and make one. You can start with the ones that are easier, less time-consuming. If you have traveling in your bucket list, make sure you start with the nearby places. This way, you will be able to accomplish more from your bucket list just in two months duration.

Try Cracking that Tough Entrance Tests

In India, it’s mandatory to write and crack an entrance exam for obtaining admission at the top colleges and institutions. As knowledge will never go in vain, the more time you spend in your studies, the more you reap the benefits. So, depending upon your career bent, you can choose to write the entrance exam held during your board exam break. Don’t stress about the admission. Give priority to tests that are worth writing for your dream career.

Attend Career Counselling Sessions

It kinda feels like you’ve crossed that hurdle once your board exams are over. But, the truth is, you’ve reached a very significant period of your life. A phase where you need to determine your career. Whether you wish to get a degree in history, or, pursue a professional course in film making, or just become an entrepreneur. If you’re still confused, the best thing you can do is to attend the career counseling sessions. The sessions help you choose the right career path. Don’t take up any course or invest in something that is simply being told and offered to you.

Read and Read more Books

Books are a person’s truest companion. These two months interval will be a blessing if you’re into reading. You can invest your time in reading more books. Reading will not just reverse the loneliness and boredom, it strengthens your knowledge and boosts your vocabulary. If you’re someone who is not into reading, develop the habit to read anything, be it short stories, biographies, novels, papers every day.

Do an Internship or Work part-time

Dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur even before you get a BBA degree? Well, you can kick-start your dreams by working for a start-up organization. You can learn a lot about the industry, industry management, and get clear insight regarding start-ups by doing an internship or working part-time. Depending upon your chosen field, requirements, and industry, you can even apply for an apprenticeship that teaches you about the industry, proficiency, and the needed attributes of an entrepreneur and improves your skills.

Pursue your Hobbies

Hobbies are what holds us apart from stress. It brings joy, positivity, and polishes your creativity. With the months of hard work and stress being finally over, it’s time that you set your heart and minds to things that you love. Be it painting, photography, writing poems, music, gardening, cooking, learning biking skills, martial arts, or be it anything you love. You may never know, the things that you’re pursuing as a hobby might turn into your profession in the future. If things progress that way for you, you’ll be making a life by spending your energy and time in what you truly love doing.

Take Up Certificate Courses

If you think, there’s still more left to learn about your career bent, you can take-up a certificate course. It’s easiest to pursue a certificate course these days as there are various free and paid certificate courses online. You can even check the nearest centers that offer your desired course and plan if you want to attend a regular class. You can entirely use your lengthy vacations to enhance your knowledge and get your doubts answered regarding your aspired career field.

Work or Volunteer for an NGO

You can spend your free time for a worthy cause by joining an NGO. You can support, serve and help the needy by participating in social work. Such as- teaching the underprivileged children, volunteer at an orphanage. Serve the abandoned at an old age home, encourage the ones at the rehab centers. Indulging in social work or doing something good for others will develop a healthy and great impact on your heart. Further, a certificate in social work will be valuable for your career in the future.

Learn a Foreign Language

Learning a new language gives you the freedom to understand a different culture. It provides exposure and brings you an opportunity to learn about diversity. It stands as a medium to bring you closer to a world that either resembles or differs from your very own. If you’ve made up your mind about learning any foreign language, then two months duration is more than enough to learn the basics of a language. You can always continue your course to higher levels. You can even become a translator or an interpreter if you’ve mastered skills in a foreign language.

Go on a long Vacation

Are you willing to go out to somewhere far away and create some good memories? If yes, then go on for a long vacation. Shortlist the place where you can go. Plan a trip. If you love adventure, you can make the most of your holiday trip by indulging in trekking, camping in the wild, mountain biking, swimming, angling, etc. If you love photography or want to be away from just regular days, you can plan a getaway trip with friends/ family to offbeat destinations, hill stations. It’s another best way to rejuvenate from those board exam pressures, stress, boredom.

Explore New Things

Don’t worry, if you’re still unexcited about your career yet! It simply means that you still need more exposure to various range of career disciplines. You can explore a different range of careersby doing some study regarding them. Read about the professions, industries, roles and responsibilities, qualifications, and skills needed, courses, etc. Do more research. You can even travel to various places. This way, you can spot a wide range of professions in the world. Learn new things, as this will bring you closer to your aspirations.

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