Let’s hear another Young Indian Speak!

Great News – the Inspiria Inspiring Story Series has received tremendous response and our young students are already waiting for the next Inspiration story! They will not have to wait long for we aim to make this a regular Saturday event! For youngsters, the experience of interacting with a new inspiring individual every week is unique. There is so much to imbibe and learn!

After Pratik Garg last week, this Saturday, the 27th of June, we will have another member of Young Indians, Siliguri, known for his entrepreneurship and innovation. He is Sumit Sinhal, the Managing Director at Kins Advanced Diabetes Care Clinic. Sinhal studied business management in Hyderabad and then in Australia, following which he took specialization degrees in hospital management as well as risk management and insurance planning. His diversified portfolio reflects his widely varying interests in the field of management. Sinhal received an award for excellence in corporate training. He also represented India in Switzerland for the Youth Exchange Program

Sumit Sinhal m at Young Indian

At Inspiria this Saturday, Sinhal will speak on the ways to chase dreams to convert them into reality. As you can guess by his profile that the session is going to be quite an exciting one.

We at Inspiria take a deep pride in welcoming such an amazing entrepreneur who will be motivating numerous students through his experiences. You can register yourself for event for FREE! Click Here to register.