Discipline & Regularity

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Discipline & Regularity

The Magic Remedy for Success

There is this story about a government job aspirant preparing for the West Bengal Civil Services Exams some years back. One of his friends told him it was no use working so hard as about one lakh candidates were competing for around 400 posts. The chance of getting through was just one in 250 or about 0.4 percent! This was enough to discourage anyone but the young WBCS aspirant remain unmoved. Why?

He knew the actual success rate was much higher. While one lakh people might have applied for the exams, only around 5000 odd were the serious competitors. These were the committed ones who had set a goal and was working hard towards it. So the real chance of getting a job was 400/5000 or 8%. The young man was eventually successful in getting into the WBCS!

This is the general picture in the competition scene in India. Apparently the numbers applying for a seat in a medical college or for a government/PSU job is mammoth. But most applicants lack the long term commitment or discipline and regularity to be serious contenders. The real competition is restricted to around 5 percent of total applicants.

It is also true that we often come across brilliant students with multi-faceted talent. However when the real test comes, be it the final exam in college or a competitive examination for jobs, they hardly perform. Such brilliance gets unrewarded as they are like momentary flashes in the pan. The fact is for success in the long run mere brilliance is not enough. What is needed is dedication, discipline and regularity. It’s no use slogging nine hours one day and nothing in the remaining of the week. Better to work four hours per day regularly!

When natural brilliance is not backed by regularity and commitment, the end result is “Unemployability”. A brilliant student may solve a math sum in a few seconds. But that does not teach him to handle real-life job situations. What does is regularity and discipline, which alone convert potential talent into a real work-force.
So remember these two magic words- Regularity and Discipline!

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